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Premiere DateJul 19, 2015
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00:00 Intro
03:26 Hospital Bed Future Me
07:35 Yes Who Made Who
12:16 Mirror Woods Creeping Pink
15:52 Hanabi fries some butterfish
22:06 Fiona Coyne Skylar Spence
26:10 Terra Flore We Leave at Midnight
29:43 Old Hearts Telegraph Canyon
32:24 Hanabi shares some ceviche seacrets
40:25 Pardon My Freedon !!!
46:17 Free Your Mind Cut Copy
51:16 Eventually Tame Impala
56:12 Dane talks tuna, cider and Master Chef
59:58 Finish

It’s been warming up around here. The reality of that statement has led us all to ditch our ovens and try to beat that summer heat by preparing eats that are simple to prep and don’t really totally require much heat, (except Hanabi cheated, but it was delicious so we give him a pass).

Hanabi made a ceviche, but did sort of an Italian crudo take on it. It’s confusing but delicious for sure. Ceviche.

Like I said, Hanabi cheated, and even used squash , which is not so much summer produce, largely to good effect in his Butterfish recipe.

Save this one for fall maybe. Insane Dane gave us a little lightly Seared Tuna and avocado sandwich. We’ll accept seared as a summer reality.

Why not go for some Cider too? Check out Dish + Drink for a little review. I guess the larger point here is that preparing different fish, in different ways is a great thing to do this summer.

Seared Tuna
Cider Review


Choir of Young Belivers

Telegraph Canyon

Creeping Pink

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