Rain Dance Edition

Premiere DateJun 14, 2015
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00:00 Intro
01:40 Running with the wolves Aurora
04:40 Hey Mother Death The Hills
10:16 Ryderz Hudson Mohawke
12:50 Hanabi Survives a storm
21:12 Imperia Vaadat Charigim
28:14 Everything New No Joy
32:10 Hanabi finally enjoys 5 point
37:02 Serious Picnic Marion Walker
47:35 Dane gets serious about the drought
59:53 Finish

This week Hanabi visits the deserts of Phoenix. If you want Polish eats in a modern setting in the middle of the Phoenix arts district then check out Milk Bar.

Tired of delicious Mexican food and now Polish food, then head over to Cornish Pasty in Tempe Az. for that deep down (I’m making a mining un. You know, Cornwall and it’s mines? Never mind) British flavor.

Okay, I may have said this before, but breakfast is probably my favorite meal of the day. But, Matt’s Big Breakfast in Phoenix is ridiculously good! If you like chorizo and eggs, this place is doing it right. Oh, and yes, you can order a single pancake too. It’s amazing!

Hanabi stayed in Seattle, but he didn’t waste any time looking for fried chicken and biscuits at The 5 Point Cafe.

He also let his night-life flag fly a little at Nitelite Lounge. Insane Dane discusses the dark side of almonds on Dish + Drink. He also give props to another Dish + Drink contributor for his piece on Thailand.

Okay, you should probably check out the bands Aurora,

Hey Mother Death

and Hudson Mohawke

Milk Bar
Cornish Pasty
Matt’s Big Breakfast
5 Point Cafe
Nitelite Lounge
Dish + Drink Almonds
Dish + Drink Thailand
Hey Mother Death
Hudson Mohawke

Host Hanabi
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