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Premiere DateJul 5, 2015
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01:41 Hold Your Breath Denali
04:32 Get Up Sleater- Kinney
08:14 New Wave Sleater-Kinney
11:34 Hanabi talks Seafood in Bandon, OR
15:39 Tracy Mogwai
22:44 Summer Mogwai
25:58 R U Still In 2 It Mogwai
31:18 Hanabi goes to the creamery, also Beer!
35:28 Say To You STRFKR
39:43 Red In Blue Square Pusher
42:48 Ropen Plaid
46:25 Liverpool st
49:42 Dane's New American Drinks!
53:58 Finish

When Seattle is feeling too popular, and not cool anymore, locals head to Oregon to remind them that Seattle has running water and electrify. I kid Oregon, I kid! Seriously though, Washington’s neighbor to the south and California’s neighbor to the north is not only beautiful but it’s also a great place to find some delicious eats.

Hanabi visited Bandon Oregon which is located on the central Oregon coast and checked in at Edgewaters and had some seafood stew. For every delicious seafood experience, by law there must be a bad one to accompany it.

Hanabi is leery of any seafood place with the name “shack” in it, but he tried Tony’s Crab Shack anyway.

Bad move. But, a little ice cream from Face Rock Creamery should make up for it nicely. Also, a Stillwater IPA made with rice is a nice way to kill that Tony’s after taste.

Insane Dane is always ready to party and his Cheery Pie Old Fashioned is a party starter for sure.

He also doctors up a Blue Apron recipe to show that just because they say to do something, you can still be creative and make it your own. Also note that I had the idea for Blue Apron like 10 years ago. So there’s that.

Lastly, Since we’re talking about Oregon, and they have a city called Portland, it only makes sense that Insane Dane reviewed a place called Hot Suppa in Portland Maine. See what we did there?

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Tony’s Crab Shack
Face Rock Creamery
Stillwater IPA
Cheery Pie Old Fashioned
Blue Apron
Hot Suppa

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