Mobile Week Edition

Premiere DateOct 11, 2015
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00:00 Intro
01:57 LA LA LA Mike Krol
04:17 Don't You Evah Spoon
07:44 Hanabi reviews Country Dough
12:41 Eyes Of Death Spider Bags
18:02 The Leper Dinosaur Jr
22:01 Hanabi Discusses Manila
34:30 The Magic Morning Titus Andronicus
49:50 Outro
57:39 Finish

Speaking of mobile. Hanabi said “whatever I’m going to Manila for 3 days.”

So he did it. He ate adbo chicken from crazy hawker stalls.

All in all a fun, tasty trip to a less heralded but possibly more accessible part of South East Asia. Even though Hanabi is not a believer of “cleansing” he kinda needed one anyway so he grabbed a quinoa bowl from local health food automat Eatsa.

Get crazy Hanabi. Get crazy. Speaking of crazy. Hanabi went to Seattle’s Chinatown for a little dim sum shop called Duk Li for a little scallop and sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf. Nice! Join him as he heads over to Country Dough which sounds more like a spin-off of Cracker Barrel than a Chinese crepe shop.

But, anyway, the cumin flatbread with beef is what’s good. We also had some really sweet bands for your listening enjoyment.


Sticky Rice
cumin flatbread



Titus Andronicus

Dinosaur Jr.

HOST Hanabi
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