Fall Week Edition

Premiere DateSep 20, 2015
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02:44 The Yabba Battles
09:11 Dot Net Battles
12:07 FF Bada Battles
16:30 Hanabi reviews stadium food
25:05 Summer Simmer Battles
30:51 Cacio E Pepe Battles
33:29 Non Violence Battles
37:05 Hanabi has a bad time
43:19 Dot Com Battles
47:33 Tyne Wear Battles
49:23 Tricentennial Battles
52:14 Dane Time
54:21 Finish

It’s fall week here at BTR, and along with autumn comes football. And by football I mean real, grid-iron football, not that soccer stuff that ends in a tie and people think that’s okay. So, Hanabi headed down to Santa Clara in the heart of Silicon Valley to check out the Minnesota Vikings taking on the San Francisco 49ers. The game was sloppy, but the food choices had some ups and downs as well.

Check out the show to get all the dirt on the eats at Levi’s Stadium. Hanabi got lazy this week. You know you’re lazy when have sushi delivered. This is something you should never, ever do. Sushi shouldn’t even be available for delivery. If you want sushi, get up and go get it, freshly made in front of you. Otherwise order a pizza, which is perfect for delivery.

Listen to Hanabi talk about the mistake he made in having Sushi Bella delivered.

Insane Dane apparently wants to know more about Pumpkin Spice Lattes so he checked into it in a riveting piece for Dish + Drink.

He also made some Steak Salad for you, and checked out Little Town Social so you don’t have to. Oh, and we’re super excited to play the new Battles album!

Levi’s Stadium
Sushi Bella
Pumpkin Spice Latte
Steak Salad
Little Town Social



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