Buzz Week Edition

Premiere DateAug 2, 2015
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00:00 Intro
01:25 Disney Afternoon Ducktails
04:46 Headbanging in the Mirror Ducktails
08:10 Into The Sky Ducktails
11:30 Hanabi Talks beer
22:08 Red Line Season These Arms Are Snakes
24:36 Pronoia Strange Wilds
29:04 Hanabi makes wings
36:34 Entertain Sleater Kinney
40:22 Sparks Beach House
45:39 Coming Down DUM DUM Girls
49:44 Dane goes crazy with his new Magic Bullet
53:44 Finish

Buzz week may seem like a great week to do honey tasting, but there isn’t better honey you can buy than Hanabi’s family label from Minnesota. So there’s really no point in tasting others. It’s not even close. So let’s switch gears and talk about beer, because that’s a great way to catch a buzz.

First on the list from Ales Unlimited in San Francisco is Wolf 7 from Belgium. It’s a blonde ale that tastes delicious, especially when you’re on a sunny beach. Also the label design is on point too.

Next up we tried Trooper which is an ale crafted by Bruce Dickenson of Iron Maiden. Seriously, even if it was terrible, which it wasn’t it’s the best beer ever.

Next we tried a Hanabi favorite, XH by Hitachino Nest, It’s aged in sake casks.

Awesome! Last on the big four we had Suiyoubi No Neko, or “Wednesday Cat” which is a a Belgian style white ale. This is some crisp and tasty stuff. The label design is winning points with Hanabi too.

Hanabi made Buffalo wings from a recipe found in the film The Great Chicken Wing Hunt.

That’s really interactive of him. Hanabi also went to a little place called El Borracho. Unfortunately, he didn’t get a good pic, so he dressed up his cat and that may be better than the duck carnitas he had.

Insane Dane is crazy you guys. He’s only gone and given you a recipe for a smoothie, made in a Magic Bullet blender! WTF?

Wolf 7
HItachino Nest
Suiyoubi no Neko
El Borracho
Buffalo Wings



Strange Wilds

Dum Dum Girls

Host Hanabi
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