B-Day Week Edition

Premiere DateJul 12, 2015
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00:00 Intro
02:13 Bird Native Harrow
06:22 The Easiest Answer Greatfather
09:55 Thin It's Gonna Happen Again Avi Buffalo
12:46 Hanabi Grills some fish and drinks some beer
19:40 Spanish Sahara Foals
26:15 We Started a Fire Myzica
30:09 Hanabi gets patriotic by making food
38:12 Bad Sex Hey Mother Death
47:43 You Wish Nightmares On Wax
51:01 Dane cuts into the birthday cake trend
57:56 Finish

Even though it’s not Hanabi’s birthday, it was the nation’s birthday so to speak last weekend. Anyway, this week Hanabi discussed the upcoming Cochon Heritage Fire event coming up in Napa in August.

If you like Argentinian style nose to tail grilling, this is the place. Hanabi also gives you some tips on making a grilled kale salad because why not grill a salad?

You can grill fruit after all. Hanabi also gets into some creative uses for left overs territory with his Tom Ka salmon using left over Tom Ka soup.  A Top Cutter IPA by Bale Breaker you say?

Hmmmm. Not to be outdone by his salmon, but you should try the grilled mackerel al a Hanabi.

Blue Apron. What have you got for us Insane Dane? Beet Hollandaise Benedict from Jack’s Wife Freda? Okay, I’m in. Also peep game on some of the latest from Dish + Drink.

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Top Cutter
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Smores vs. B-Day Cake
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Avi Buffalo


Nightmares on Wax

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