BTR Eatopia

Premiere DateJun 8, 2014
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00:00 Intro
04:31 Into Giants Patrick watson
08:45 Assembly Wild Beasts
11:25 Pauper's Dough King Creosote
12:51 Honeycomb Animnal Collective
15:48 Break
21:46 Blues Hour Mogwai
27:21 Just From Chevron Dirty Projectors
31:17 Break
37:11 Nightime The Amazing Snakesheads
39:56 Fucked Up Glass Boy
43:10 The Bell Lowell
47:22 Outro
56:41 Finish

DJ Hanabi
Me for you and you for me Edition!

Dating is rough. The right food on date night can make or break you. There’s an elusive balance that must be struck when choosing a date night restaurant. Too romantic and and you’ve blown it. Too fancy and you’ve not only blown it, you’ve blown your bank account and you look like a douche who is trying too hard to impress. Too informal, and you look cheap. Too quiet and you seem boring, too loud and you can’t carry a conversation. You get the point. Let DJ Hanabi and Insane Dane help you. We have great ideas.

Edible hits include: Animal Collective,


and The Amazing Snakeheads

Host Hanabi
Hanabi is a man of two faces, in two places. He's originally from Minneapolis MN. But a wayfarer's spirit and his parents had him seeking solace in the sunnier climes of California. Hanabi currently resides in…