BTR Eatopia

Premiere DateDec 22, 2013
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00:00 Intro
02:20 Ratchet Bloc party
05:34 Miami Foals
09:05 You Naked Jamie Lidell
13:26 Big Love Jaime Lidell
17:48 Break
21:42 Boom Flight Of The Conchords
23:11 Business Time Flight Of The Conchords
27:04 Bowie Flight Of The Conchords
29:58 Hiphopoptomus vs Rymenoceros Flight Of The Conchords
31:57 Break
36:45 Telepath Board of Canada
38:09 Texico Bitches Broken Social Scene
41:36 We Once Were The Album Leaf
45:53 Walz for Aidan Mogwai
48:50 Outro
55:08 Finish

DJ Hanabi
Eat-Tech Edition

Since we’re based in the tech-capital of the country, if not the world we thought it might be interesting to see how all the gizmo-tech relates to the food we eat. Hanabi discovered a local SF service called that delivers fresh, healthy food prepared by local chefs. The site is slick and easy to use. Hanabi noted that the same guy who brought us the terrible Google Glass may have redeemed himself with a lab made burger. Insane Dane wants you to know about Star Trek, specifically “Earl Grey. Hot!”.

The music was brought to you by technology too: Jamie Lidell,

Flight of the Conchords

and Mogwai

Host Hanabi
Hanabi is a man of two faces, in two places. He's originally from Minneapolis MN. But a wayfarer's spirit and his parents had him seeking solace in the sunnier climes of California. Hanabi currently resides in…