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Premiere DateJan 13, 2013
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00:00 Intro
02:25 Two Weeks Grizzly Bear
06:27 Sumer Cum Avi buffalo
09:55 Turn On Me The Shins
13:30 Phantom Limb The Shins
18:12 Break
20:53 Letter and Packages American Football
24:10 The Garden Of Cartoon Exclamations Joan Of Arc
29:08 Jimmy Go Swimmer Braid
31:33 Oh Messy Life Cap'n Jazz
33:34 Break
36:16 Abused Elliott Smith
39:04 Angel In the Snow Elliott Smith
41:39 The Worst Part is Almost Over Elliot Smith
43:49 Going Nowhere Elliott Smith
47:40 Let's Get Lost Elliot Smith
50:08 Finish


Spain is rad, and their food is next level. I just found a new purveyor of Spanish staples and to be honest I’ve been going absolutely mental. You could say I’ve been going in Spain. Ok, that may have been the best pun of my career.

I bought myself a little treat. It’s just a little Jamon Iberico de Bellota. This is seriously the best thing ever. It costs enough too. It’s around $1000 for a whole ham. Totally worth it.

Spain doesn’t play when it comes to seafood. Even their canned seafood is beyond good.

I always keep a few cans on hand.

When eating Spanish food you should adhere to the following: Listen to heavy doses of:

The Shins

Elliot Smith

and Cap n’ Jazz

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