Bond Week

Premiere DateOct 18, 2015
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02:08 LA on Monday Gang Signs
10:26 Always Turn Your Head Introverted Dancefloor
11:28 Break
19:56 Bad Ideas Saint Seneca
23:24 Sodawaltz Ms John Soda
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33:57 Make Them Gold CHVRCHES
37:54 High Enough to Try You Over CHVRCHES
41:18 Bow Down CHVRCHES
45:53 Outro
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This week Hanabi both hits the road and aspirates to hit the road. First Hanabi explores some of the most ubiquitous British comfort foods starting with the venerable savory pie at Mother Mash near Caraby St. and Harry’s cafe de Wheels in Sydney.

Yes, Hanabi is well aware that Sydney is not a part of the UK, but the culinary traditions persist. Hanabi also discusses the jewel in the crown otherwise known as the full English breakfast.

Hanabi is currently in New Orleans and that is basically a show unto itself with all that food. Hanabi does enjoy going off the beaten path to try local, budget friendly haunts so check out his visit to Verti-Marte in NOLA for a little po’ boy sandwich and a crawfish beignet.


Mother Mash
Harry’s Cafe de Wheels



Ms. John Soda

Introverted Dacefloor

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