Stress Week

Premiere DateSep 27, 2015
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03:06 Megatouch Battles
08:20 Flora_Fauna Battles
09:39 Luu Le Battles
16:17 Hanabi gets down on some soup dumplings
24:40 Can't Do Without You Caribou
28:13 Too Much Is Never Enough Bob Moses
33:18 Keeping Me Alive Bob Moses
37:57 Hanabi makes karaage and beefcakes
45:05 Cavity Carousel These Arms Are Snakes
49:11 Rousseau Pinback
54:00 Dane Time
57:47 Finish

Hanabi has been in a crazy pasta and dumplings mood lately. After thinking about how awesome Julia Child’s kitchen exhibit at the Smithsonian is, I decided to make an old favorite recipe of hers called Orecchiette con con Broccoli di Rape, or basically little ear pasta with broccoli rabe.

It’s a simple dish, but it’s an amazing one-pot style dish that’s perfect for some Euro-style mid-week eating. Hanabi also said “I’m severely lacking in dumplings this week” and headed out to a favorite hole in the wall Chinese dumpling spot called Kingdom of Dumplings where their xiaolongbao rules over all other dumpling kingdoms.

Not to be outdone Hanabi made some dim sum called beef cakes and karaage which is a great combo if I do say so myself.

Don’t sleep on Destihl Brewery and their Rye Wine Ale either. Insane Dane is all about that pear nectar margarita because he’s not letting go of summer at Dish + Drink.

Orecchiette con con Broccoli di Rape
Rye Wine Ale
Pear Nectar Margarita
Vegan-Up Brooklyn
Kingdom of Dumplings



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