Cold Dessert Week

Premiere DateSep 13, 2015
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It’’s been hot in the city. Ridiculously hot. I live in this city to avoid the heat other cites get. Well, that and the food of course. Anyway, when the mercury gets to 90 in San Francisco which is just insane to even imagine if you’ve ever spent more than an hour here during the summer, I always seek something a bit colder than the outside air temperature. Ramen is right out so I move onto something in the dessert spectrum which some people may not know to much about. Of course I’m talking about ice cream. Like everything else here we have peeps who make it right.

Bi-Rite is doing it right, as evidenced by the long lines they attract.

Humphrey Slocombe is so good someone started a parody twitter account. But let’s not dawdle on those two ice cream giants. Instead, let’s get Taiwanese on it.  More specifically, due huabing or shaved snow if you don’t want to butcher the name. This stuff is amazing, and weird rolled into onw. Like sweet green beans on your ice cream, then shaved snow is for you.

Hanabi also went to check out some cajun cooking, specifically frog legs at Roux. He also has a little recipe for you too for some quick ginger ground pork and cabbage too. Kale and apricots?

Ask Insane Dane about that one. More specifically the kale apricot smoothie.

Stir Fried Pork and Cabbage Recipe:
1lb Ground Pork
1lb Shredded Cabbage
2T Soy Sauce
2T Rice Wine Vinegar
1/2t Sugar
1T Minced Ginger
2T Oil

In a small bowl mix together soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar. set aside. Brown pork, drain and set aside. Add oil to wok(or pan). Add cabbage to pan.
Cook 2-3 minutes. You still want it to be a little crispy. Stir in sauce and ginger. Add pork. Combine. Done

Humphry Solcombe
xue hua bing
Kale Smoothie


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