Happiness Week Edition

Premiere DateAug 9, 2015
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00:00 Intro
02:44 Out Of Work The Blind Shake
04:55 Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair Artic Monkeys
07:57 XV The Ghost Ease
10:35 Hanabi reviews Udupi Palace
22:22 Endless Summer Still Corners
25:36 Hold It Georgia
29:15 I Don't Want to See STRFKR
32:43 Hanabi makes all kinds of shortbread
38:07 Evil's Sway Japandroids
42:32 Darkness The Dodos
46:20 Dane fries rice among other things
49:48 Gwai On 45 (Arab Strap remix) Mogwai
58:13 Finish

Just because it’s Happiness week here at BTR doesn’t mean that Pharell song is any good. It’s still terrible. But, I’m eternally happy that I was able to take my vegan buddy out for a little b-day meal where he could order more than just some weak, stir-fried veggie after-thought.

We went to Udupi Palace in the Mission District here in San Francisco Udupi Palace. I have a love/ love relationship with Indian cuisine because it’s so intensely flavorful. I have a love/ hate relationship with most Indian restaurants because I sometimes feel as if they’ve all conspired to offer just a basic, uninspired menu that always screams to me “they won’t know the difference anyway.” There are so many distinct cuisines within India that aren’t represented and I think deserve to be put on show. We get it. You have Tikka Masala and Nann. Nice. Anyway, Udupi Place is doing it right and it’s all vegetarian and vegan.

Hanabi went H.A.M. on some shortbread recipes. You do realize he eats all this stuff so you don’t have to right?

Insane Dane, what can I say? He’s out there eating at places called OM Cafe. I hope he’s expensing this stuff. Oh, and then he did a great write up for Dish + Drink about comfort food.

I have to say the part about bacon-cheese fries from Nathan’s is just amazing.

Udupi Palace
Short Bread
Comfort Food
Om Cafe


The Ghost Ease



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