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Premiere DateMar 15, 2015
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DJ Hanabi
Yogurt Makes it Better Edition

Say what you will about Greek yogurt being a fad that is so over, and I’ll point you in the direction of a small ancient country on the Mediterranean Sea that will beg to differ with you. I thought I’d share a dead simple recipe for a little mid-week meal or lunch. It’s roughly based on any number of Mediterranean yogurt dishes, but the flavors are pretty consistent, except maybe for the avocado, but you can add or subtract items at will.

1. Obtain any amount of plain Greek yogurt
2. Mix with chopped cucumber, lemon zest, lemon juice, salt, salt, pepper, garlic
3. Pile that into a bowl nicely. Wipe the sides of the bowl for a clean presentation
4. Arrange an assortment of quartered grape tomatoes, avocado, artichokes, pitted olives. Or, anything you want really. Chickpeas? Go for it
5. Drizzle with plenty of olive oil, lemon juice,
6. I sprinkle a mix of sumac, zatar, and ras el hanout on mine which is taking it in a more African/ Middle Eastern direction but it’s so delicious
7. Lastly, I’ll sprinkle with fresh herbs, usually flat leaf parsley, but if you want mint or dill go for it
8. To serve I usually like flat bread, but I had a half baguette left and decided to make toast points from it. For those I just use olive oil and sea salt and griddle until golden brown. I don’t personally like crackers ever for anything, but hey go for it

Hanabi is all about finding the perfect Gastro Pub in Seattle and we support him fully. This week he reviews Black Bottle Gastro Tavern in Belltown where he dined on wild boar ribs and oxtail. Which to me is about as rich tasting as you can get! Insane Dane checked out Cafe Orlin in the East Village for brunch. You might as well read his review on Dish + Drink too! Also, we discussed Blue Apron on the last show, but DJ Jess has her own take on it so check that out HERE!


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