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Premiere DateMar 8, 2015
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DJ Hanabi

When in Rome you should eat at any number of places that we’re not delving into in this episode. But, when in San Francisco and you want to induce a meat coma, I urge you to head straight to Chef Chris Cosentino’s new spot Cockscomb in the up and coming SOMA district. If you’ve ever watch just about any Food Network or Cooking Channel show that involves running around a kitchen or a city in order to eat or buy supplies, he’s probably on it. Locally he’s known as the master of offal. Seriously, if you google offal and San Francisco, he comes up. I took a date to cockscomb and I don’t necessarily care about impressing a date with how much I can spend on a meal, rather I let good food take care of that. But, what I do like to do is order the funniest thing on a menu just because. So, for this date I had been reading up an people seemed to be talking about this shared pin-bone steak. It’s $110. I’ve spent more than that on a few precious ounces of genuine Kobe beef so I figured this would be a decent but not crazy sized piece of steak. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s was 4 lbs. of steak staring at us. I feel like we should have been warned that usually a group of 4 orders it. But, ces’t la vie it was delicious! Perfectly cooked and seasoned. Oh, and it’s served with a bone-marrow reduction. Um, I could main-line bone marrow. So, don’t miss Cockscomb. It’s delightful. But, you should try the roasted half-pigs head and let me know how it is.

We also discuss the recent Jon Favreau film, Chef, which I found super insuring as a cook and also because Scralett Johansson and Sofia Vergara. Listen to the show for our verdict. Hanabi also experimented with Blue Apron, which is a very cool online service that sends all the ingredients to prepare a specific dish. They provide you with logical step by step instructions to execute a planned meal. You get just the right amount of ingredients too, which can be helpful in managing your time as well as budget. See what Hanabi thinks of Blue Apron essentially taking all the actual thought out of cooking.

Of course you should read up on Dish + Drink to see what’s new with Insane Dane. He reviews a speakeasy in St. Marks Place called Please Don’t Tell and then he checked out 1200 Miles in the FlatIron District.


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