It’s not that Hanabi has the post holiday blues or anything, it’s that he is thrilled that another Christmas is in the books. Usually, we could talk about what to do with all the after Christmas food, but not this year. Instead we checked out a very weird situation going on down at the former Fizzary space. This drama is so good it doesn’t matter if you’re local or not. The Fizzary until recently, was a vintage style soda shop that carried hundreds of varieties of soda from around the world and from craft-styled makers. Anyway, the people that are subleasing the space have apparently turned it into a not-so-underground gambling club and illegal bar. Apparently it’s be so shady that the landlord has taken to extreme measures to notify the police and alcohol commission, and so far no one seems to care. Hanabi also loves movies. His favorite place to catch a movie just so happens to be the Sundance Kabuki theater over in Japantown. This place is rad. There super comfy couch-like chairs with tables attached and you can order real food and drink beer, wine and cocktails as well while watching a flick. After watching a cool flick and getting his swerve on, Hanabi likes to maintain his buzz as one of his favorite locals, which happens to havean amazing cocktail program, as well as a cool bartender who is the same age as Hanabi and has lots of cool late 80’s and early 90’s tales to tell. The bar is called Holy Water and the drink of choice is the bourbon buck, but the painkiller has the better name and the better kind of ice.
Some things to prepare for if you get invited to one of these events. First, the ceremony is long. In this case it was shaved down to a mere hour, instead of the more usual four hours. Secondly, it’s an explosion of color. From the bride and groom in their deep scarlet and gold to the guests resplendent in every other color you could imagine. Then there’s the dancing, and lots of it. It’s like a Bollywood production on the dace floor. Lastly, and maybe most importantly there is food, and lots of it. First there was an appetizer course with a chaat, which you can kind of think of as an Indian tapa, that consisted of an Idli, which is a little cake/ dumpling made from rice flour that was smashed and covered in a rich yogurt and a spicy chutney.
Hanabi decided to get with the holiday spirit and made some Latkes. Though not a tradition in the Hanabi house growing up, it’s definitely one worth incorporating. Who doesn’t like potatoes, especially lightly fried potatoes. Hanabi also went in very wide arc to make a recipe for a drink that resembles a very holiday drink that is well known to parents and grandparents of a certain age, but all the millennials out there will know it as butter beer. Speaking of beer. Hanabi decided to try making beer can chicken. In the oven. What?
It’s sad when a 93 year old restaurant Roosevelt Tamale Parlor, that has been something of a neighborhood staple closes it’s doors for good. It’s even more sad when they list the reason for closure as high labor costs. The current minimum wage in San Francisco is $12.25, and that is barely enough to afford rent in the city. Definitely a conundrum. On a brighter note, my love of breakfast has been met by a wonderful Instagram account called Symmetry Breakfast. It’s basically everything. Hanabi, is becoming something of a Japanese cuisine master and he’s flaunting it with his sake shioyaki and taking it even further with his scallion pancakes.
Another one in the books! The Thanksgiving books that is. We decided to give you a little taste of the after party with an awesome, and very British way of getting rid of all those left over mashed potatoes and veggies, called bubble and squeak. We also talked about how awesome Japanese milk bread is and how well it pairs with left over turkey and some onion jam to make the best turkey sandwich ever. Hanabi decided that all this colonial day of thanks business was for the birds so he hit up Groupon to snack additional savings on some Thanksgiving churrascaria
Hanabi is all about Thanksgiving. It’s an opportunity to put on a great spread. Although the menu may be similar, a Thanksgiving feast is very specific to an individual family and most of us have eaten the same Thanksgiving dinner, as prepared by family members as long as we can remember, and we still crave those same dishes, prepared the exact same way every time. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, occasionally, we may not be able to sit down with our families and we have to go it alone. Hanabi finds himself in that boat this year. SO, he’s chosen to host his own orphans Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, there will be turkey. But, instead of a whole bird he’s going for a porchetta turkey breast. What the hell is that you ask? Porchetta is of course a pork roast that is stuffed with mixture or herbs, garlic and lemon zest. Basically it delicious. Hanabi us also making a brussels sprout gratin loaded with gruyere cheese. Hanabi is also making some macarons because why the hell not?
Hanabi is back from their trips and decide to take a stay-cation. Hey, Seattle isn’t a bad place to do that either. Hanabi likes to go to some of the lesser talked about, more off the beaten path, every-man kind of places. It’s even better when yo consider how often he does this for Japanese restaurants. Obasan is just such a place and their mackerel shioyaki is anything but off the beaten path.
Hanabi completed their sweep of New Orleans over Halloween weekend and it was a real eat-fest from start to finish. Yes there were several trips to Cafe Du Monde. That’s mandatory. But it was the jazz brunch at Commander’s Palace among others that stole the show. We’re talking bbq shrimp and grits here! The LPG Burger at La Petite Grocery is ridiculous! They have badass shrimp and grits too! If you want to get weird on Magazine st. head over to District Donuts. Not that their food is at all weird. It’s just a really cool thing to say. While Hanabi was out partying, other Hanabi found some Mole Salumi at Salumi Cured Meats. You’re welcome! He also made some beer and bacon pancakes. You’re extra welcome.
Hanabi has been on a delicious New Orleans bender, and that train is still rolling. As Hanabi gets set to head out to New Orleans, he decided that since it’s going to be a calorie bust, he might as well get into some salad. Healthy, green salad. There are good salads, and there are bad salads. Hanabi wants you to eat more good salads. By the way, the best salad is the salad Nicoise. Yes, it’s better than a Cobb salad, and is slightly better than a Caesar salad. Of note, Hanabi means the actual Caesar salad made the proper way with raw yolks table-side, and not that ridiculous cream based dressing that passes for Caesar dressing. Oh, and it has to have the anchovies too. Since we’re talking Salad, Hanabi had a Chef’s salad at the Standard in New Orleans. The Chef’s salad is pretty good, still not up to a Nicoise though. Nothing goers better with a salad than a Sazerac. Remember that.
This week Hanabi gives us the dirt on his trip to New Orleans. Let’s get Cafe Du Monde right out of the way. It’s truly an amazing place in which $5 gets you instant gratification. A chicory coffee and plate of fresh beignets is really all you need. Open 24 hours too! As Hanabi is wont to do, he visited an Izakaya for a fresh take on octopus. It took him awhile to eat it but it was worth it. He went to the famed Lafitte’s Blacksmith and saw a cop on horseback stroll up and order a drink. Speaking of drinks, he sampled LA 31’s Biere Noir. He stuck around the French Quarter, but that place is loaded with places to eat and drink and just see weird things in general. Oh, Hanabi will be there over halloween and Day of the Dead so there will be more to report.
This week Hanabi both hits the road and aspirates to hit the road. First Hanabi explores some of the most ubiquitous British comfort foods starting with the venerable savory pie at Mother Mash near Caraby St. and Harry’s cafe de Wheels in Sydney. Yes, Hanabi is well aware that Sydney is not a part of the UK, but the culinary traditions persist. Hanabi also discusses the jewel in the crown otherwise known as the full English breakfast. Hanabi is currently in New Orleans and that is basically a show unto itself with all that food. Hanabi does enjoy going off the beaten path to try local, budget friendly haunts so check out his visit to Verti-Marte in NOLA for a little po’ boy sandwich and a crawfish beignet.
BTR Eatopia: Mobile Week Edition
Hanabi likes to wade knee deep in controversy and nothing seems to stir up culinary controversy right now like 16-year old chef Flynn McGarry. If you’re not too familiar with him, he’s a young kid trying to operate in a grizzled, often ego-centric 30-something’s world, and seemingly unapologetically. Say what you will about earning your stripes through blood, sweat and tears as the idiom goes, but sometimes there’s someone half your age, who for no reason even they can explain, can just do it better than you without even trying. But, if I’m Japanese ramen chef Shouichi Fujimaki who charges $120 a bowl for his ramen, I’m probably not going to be too worried yet by Hanabi’s foray into cooking up his own shio ramen. from scratch. Okay, I’d be a little worried. He even throws down a little gyoza in soup to show off a bit. In keeping with a little Japanese theme, Insane Dane visited New York institution Hatsuhanna for a really well presented sashimi bento-box called The Box of Dreams. he also visits Swine for a little after-work imbibing.
Hanabi has been in a crazy pasta and dumplings mood lately. After thinking about how awesome Julia Child’s kitchen exhibit at the Smithsonian is, I decided to make an old favorite recipe of hers called Orecchiette con con Broccoli di Rape, or basically little ear pasta with broccoli rabe. It’s a simple dish, but it’s an amazing one-pot style dish that’s perfect for some Euro-style mid-week eating. Hanabi also said “I’m severely lacking in dumplings this week” and headed out to a favorite hole in the wall Chinese dumpling spot called Kingdom of Dumplings where their xiaolongbao rules over all other dumpling kingdoms. Not to be outdone Hanabi made some dim sum called beef cakes and karaage which is a great combo if I do say so myself. Don’t sleep on Destihl Brewery and their Rye Wine Ale either. Insane Dane is all about that pear nectar margarita because he’s not letting go of summer at Dish + Drink.
It’s fall week here at BTR, and along with autumn comes football. And by football I mean real, grid-iron football, not that soccer stuff that ends in a tie and people think that’s okay. So, Hanabi headed down to Santa Clara in the heart of Silicon Valley to check out the Minnesota Vikings taking on the San Francisco 49ers. The game was sloppy, but the food choices had some ups and downs as well. Check out the show to get all the dirt on the eats at Levi’s Stadium. Hanabi got lazy this week. You know you’re lazy when have sushi delivered. This is something you should never, ever do. Sushi shouldn’t even be available for delivery. If you want sushi, get up and go get it, freshly made in front of you. Otherwise order a pizza, which is perfect for delivery. Listen to Hanabi talk about the mistake he made in having Sushi Bella delivered. Insane Dane apparently wants to know more about Pumpkin Spice Lattes so he checked into it in a riveting piece for Dish + Drink. He also made some Steak Salad for you, and checked out Little Town Social so you don’t have to. Oh, and we’re super excited to play the new Battles album!
It'’s been hot in the city. Ridiculously hot. I live in this city to avoid the heat other cites get. Well, that and the food of course. Anyway, when the mercury gets to 90 in San Francisco which is just insane to even imagine if you’ve ever spent more than an hour here during the summer, I always seek something a bit colder than the outside air temperature. Ramen is right out so I move onto something in the dessert spectrum which some people may not know to much about. Of course I’m talking about ice cream. Like everything else here we have peeps who make it right. Bi-Rite is doing it right, as evidenced by the long lines they attract. Humphrey Slocombe is so good someone started a parody twitter account. But let’s not dawdle on those two ice cream giants. Instead, let’s get Taiwanese on it. More specifically, due huabing or shaved snow if you don’t want to butcher the name. This stuff is amazing, and weird rolled into onw. Like sweet green beans on your ice cream, then shaved snow is for you. Hanabi also went to check out some cajun cooking, specifically frog legs at Roux. He also has a little recipe for you too for some quick ginger ground pork and cabbage too. Kale and apricots? Ask Insane Dane about that one. More specifically the kale apricot smoothie.
BTR Eatopia: Labor(ious) Week Edition
BTR Eatopia: Surface Week Edition
BTR Eatopia: Schoolin The Kids on some Chorizo Edition
BTR Eatopia: (IN)Excess Week Edition
Just because it’s Happiness week here at BTR doesn’t mean that Pharell song is any good. It’s still terrible. But, I’m eternally happy that I was able to take my vegan buddy out for a little b-day meal where he could order more than just some weak, stir-fried veggie after-thought. We went to Udupi Palace in the Mission District here in San Francisco Udupi Palace. I have a love/ love relationship with Indian cuisine because it’s so intensely flavorful. I have a love/ hate relationship with most Indian restaurants because I sometimes feel as if they’ve all conspired to offer just a basic, uninspired menu that always screams to me “they won’t know the difference anyway.” There are so many distinct cuisines within India that aren’t represented and I think deserve to be put on show. We get it. You have Tikka Masala and Nann. Nice. Anyway, Udupi Place is doing it right and it’s all vegetarian and vegan. Hanabi went H.A.M. on some shortbread recipes. You do realize he eats all this stuff so you don’t have to right? Insane Dane, what can I say? He’s out there eating at places called OM Cafe. I hope he’s expensing this stuff. Oh, and then he did a great write up for Dish + Drink about comfort food. I have to say the part about bacon-cheese fries from Nathan’s is just amazing.
Buzz week may seem like a great week to do honey tasting, but there isn’t better honey you can buy than Hanabi’s family label from Minnesota. So there’s really no point in tasting others. It’s not even close. So let’s switch gears and talk about beer, because that’s a great way to catch a buzz. First on the list from Ales Unlimited in San Francisco is Wolf 7 from Belgium. It’s a blonde ale that tastes delicious, especially when you’re on a sunny beach. Also the label design is on point too. Next up we tried Trooper which is an ale crafted by Bruce Dickenson of Iron Maiden. Seriously, even if it was terrible, which it wasn’t it’s the best beer ever. Next we tried a Hanabi favorite, XH by Hitachino Nest, It’s aged in sake casks. Awesome! Last on the big four we had Suiyoubi No Neko, or “Wednesday Cat” which is a a Belgian style white ale. This is some crisp and tasty stuff. The label design is winning points with Hanabi too. Hanabi made Buffalo wings from a recipe found in the film The Great Chicken Wing Hunt. That’s really interactive of him. Hanabi also went to a little place called El Borracho. Unfortunately, he didn’t get a good pic, so he dressed up his cat and that may be better than the duck carnitas he had. Insane Dane is crazy you guys. He’s only gone and given you a recipe for a smoothie, made in a Magic Bullet blender! WTF?
Mmmmmm, food! We’ve got lots of it for you too. Basically, Hanabi and Insane Dane are out here stretching our waistlines so that you don’t have to. But seriously, Hanabi went to Trestle the other day and had what can only be described as a super delicious, four course price-fixe menu for a measly $45 clams. Although the star of the show wasn’t the entree course, but rather the pasta, it was still well worth it. Check out the show to see how worth it. Hanabi also has a simple, yet delicious recipe for Queso Fundido which if you’re unfamiliar is melted cheese and chorizo. Any questions? Hanabi also visited Lost Lake Cafe for a little of that throwback, retro diner thing that NOBODY else is doing these days. Insane Dane pretty much ends the controversy of how to drink bourbon and eat mac n cheese when you’ve only got minutes to spare. The secret is to mix them together. Check out his take on Bourbon mac n cheese on the old Dish + Drink blog if you don’t believe me. He also makes a killer Gin + Juice for a guy from New Jersey.
It’s been warming up around here. The reality of that statement has led us all to ditch our ovens and try to beat that summer heat by preparing eats that are simple to prep and don’t really totally require much heat, (except Hanabi cheated, but it was delicious so we give him a pass).
Even though it’s not Hanabi’s birthday, it was the nation’s birthday so to speak last weekend. Anyway, this week Hanabi discussed the upcoming Cochon Heritage Fire event coming up in Napa in August. If you like Argentinian style nose to tail grilling, this is the place. Hanabi also gives you some tips on making a grilled kale salad because why not grill a salad? You can grill fruit after all. Hanabi also gets into some creative uses for left overs territory with his Tom Ka salmon using left over Tom Ka soup. A Top Cutter IPA by Bale Breaker you say? Hmmmm. Not to be outdone by his salmon, but you should try the grilled mackerel al a Hanabi. Blue Apron. What have you got for us Insane Dane? Beet Hollandaise Benedict from Jack’s Wife Freda? Okay, I’m in. Also peep game on some of the latest from Dish + Drink.
When Seattle is feeling too popular, and not cool anymore, locals head to Oregon to remind them that Seattle has running water and electrify. I kid Oregon, I kid! Seriously though, Washington’s neighbor to the south and California’s neighbor to the north is not only beautiful but it’s also a great place to find some delicious eats.
This week is Fan Week here at BTR and we’re fans of many things. A big one isMolletes, which is a Mexican open face sandwich that Hanabi will give you the lowdown on. Since it’s fan week, Hanabi might as well say that he’s a huge fan of chef David Chang and Momofuku. As a fanboy, Hanabi throws down chef Chang’s recipe for ginger-scallion noodles ginger scallion. The always affable Insane Dane is crazy about jelly beans, well as crazy about jelly beans as can be considered normal. So, he decided to do a taste test on Dish + Drink.
This week Hanabi fooled himself into thinking he’d found an awesome new beer that was supposed to have been infused with flavor from tequila barrel staves. He was wrong. It’s called Oculto, and has a cool day of the dead inspired label. But, look closely at who makes it. Hanabi also got his Seattle sushi in check at The Gokan where they have a roll that comes in a margarita glass. WTF? Hanabi also got to check out some local Seattle geoduck from I Love Sushi . Hanabi also investigates the rise in on-demand food delivery from the likes of Postmates and asks “is it worth it?” Insane Dane wants you to try his recipe for Zoodles and langoustine tails. Noodles made from zucchini? Is this guy insane? Yes. He is. Check out the bands Aloha, The Ruby Suns and Yeah Yeah Yeahs
BTR Eatopia: Rain Dance Edition
This week Hanabi decides to steal Insane Dane’s couture drink thunder. A visit to the Palm House for their blended passion fruit with Kraken rum is a good start Palm House. But, lets talk Micheladas for moment, shall we? In fact let’s talk about the Michelada Verde from Hecho. With cucumber, lime, jalapeño, cilantro, cane syrup and Modelo, you can’t lose! If you really want to get into it, and delve into some serious mixology you must try Trick Dog. It’s amazing! Pro-tip: Order Manimal fries with your drink. Lastly, you have to visit Dr. Teeth, as in Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. They have a drink called the “beer-garita. Enough said! Hanabi also likes to drink sake, so why not check out Umi Sake House, and while he’s at it he washes it down with a little Ikiki Sushi. Okay, Insane Dane, what have got for me? Oh, some spicy shrimp and mushroom, nice! Spicy Shrimp. Okay, you should probably check out the bands Cusses, Jim O’Rourke and Cale Parks
This week is vacation week at BTR. For Hanabi and Insane Dane it was Stay-cation week. Hanabi explores some upscale, delicious dishes in the San Francisco Mission District at Commonwealth. Seattle may be many things, but it’s not a BBQ capitol. But, Pecos Pit Barbecue is doing it’s very best to change that.
This week is Blacklist Week. To me that means it’s open season on restaurant rants. However, if you actually read Yelp reviews and how unbelievably petty many of them can be, it’s tough to join that crowd and pick apart a restaurant and a Michelin-starred chef just because their concept of open and close times differs from yours. But, I couldn’t resist. Hanabi on the other hand has a hard time with leveling blows to a restaurant, so he’d rather tell you about some great beers instead. Most notably the Bu Weisse brewed by De Garde in Oregon. Apparently you have to be tight with your local craft beer supplier to get it.
Hanabi and the little lady ended up hitting up Hawaii, Oahu, The North Shore more specifically. What a great idea that was. We decided to keep it all beach, all the time. That decision was highlighted by the fact that we couldn’t be bothered to show up for our reservation at Morimoto’s in Waikiki. Not for lack of trying though. Their site says they close at 10, but when your last seating is at 9, then you actually close at 9. Aside from that Haleiwa is great little town not far from the beautiful Waimea bay where we had the most amazing whole roasted crab in curry off the back of a Thai food truck. The curry was spiced perfectly and the crab was cooked perfectly. That and a couple of beers and we were set for the night. If you’re in the area you must visit Ted’s Bakery and Wailua Bakery Let’s just say Loco Moco is the breakfast of choice, that is until you’ve had it and then you need to go with an Acai bowl the next day because you can only do Loco Moco once. You also are required to drink all the drinks on offer at Turtle Bay Resort and it’s beachside bars.
This week is FOMO week. I had to Google it. It means fear of missing out. There reason I didn’t know what FOMO meant is because Hanabi is on top of his game. Hanabi never misses out, especially when he’s in three places at once. With that said, Hanabi visited Home Remedy, which is a very sleek little market and deli near downtown Seattle. They feature some really cool little rice bowls, pizzas and sushi take away items all freshly made in house. Like I said, it’s sleek, and Hanabi seems to like it. So, don’t miss out on Home Remedy. Also, not to ever be missed out on is coffee. I would hate my life without coffee. Not because it wakes me up, but because it tastes delicious and keeps the headaches away. Since I cant’ ever be without my coffee, and since the only place to get coffee at 2am seems to be bad convenience stores I must have a home brewing system. I’m not a fan of giant coffee pots that just sit around and get lukewarm. Rather, I like all the single brew gadgets, so I thought I’d give a little review of three of the big names in single brew systems on the market, namely Nespresso, Kuerig and Tassimo. Lastly, Insane Dane gives out all the FOMO dirt on coffee spots on Dish + Drink.
Damn, it’s Good to be a Gangster, or Probably Not Edition
Hanabi decided to take the show on the road to a popular destination. Los Angeles. More specifically, Disneyland and the famed Blue Bayou restaurant located inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. If you like your jambalaya without beer or wine, or even a proper mint julep served inside a theme park ride then Blue Bayou is for you! Seriously though, it’s tough to get a reservation there, and the food is actually good. Hanabi also visited Cole’s in downtown L.A. for a classic French Dip and a trip to Santee Alley, also in downtown L.A. for some delicious fresh fruit with chili and lime.
Every year in the Japantown section of San Francisco the Cherry Blossom Festival takes place. It’s a spring-time celebration of all things Japanese. Several streets are closed of for blocks in either direction. There are parades, concerts, Cosplayers, Lolitas and oh yeah, street food as far as the eye can see. The most anticipated was the Hello Kitty food truck. Basically it doesn’t even have to serve good food. It just has to be cute, and the lines will form. If you enjoy a crisp Sapporo, Takoyaki, fried mochi and great people watching then this is the event to come to.
When Tech and Food Collide. A Cautionary Tale Edition
For the record, neither DJ Hanabi nor Insane Dane are licensed physicians, unless you count “love doctor” which would have been a really funny thing to have just said in 1986. I should know, because I was there for it. Classic! Anyway, on the show we discuss glutamate. What is it, and are we over saying you shouldn’t eat it yet? Hanabi gets down at Toulouse Petit and Maneki. See what he has to say about them.
I went with my new lady-friend to Phoenix AZ to be her plus-1 at a big family wedding. She’s Mexican and thus has some pretty hardcore standards about what accounts for good Mexican food. We’re a little bit spoiled living out west, because you just can’t get good Mexican food anywhere else in the country. Sorry my NYC friends, but you just can’t. Anyway, she took me on journey to have a ubiquitous Mexican weekend staple, Menu do. If you’re not in the know, not only is it a popular Latin boy band that had crossover success to mainstream American television in the early 80’s, it is also a delicious soup with hominy and tripe. It’s considered a good thing for a hangover. Listen to my review of Rosita’s Place in Phoenix.
I’m proud of Hanabi for finding a really cool little food stand in Seattle. Kedai Makan is street food vendor serving up Malaysian classics such as Nasi Goreng and Nasi Lemak. The fact that it’s street food only lends to it’s authenticity as that’s what you’ll find readily available throughout Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia share a lot of common threads in terms of influences and culinary tradition, yet they each still have their own stories to tell. Influenced heavily by Muslim tradition and cuisine, Indian cuisine and of course a wide variety of colonial European traditions as well, Malaysian food does it all, and it does so brilliantly. Although not anywhere near as popular as Chinese or Thai food in America, if you have the opportunity to try Malaysian food, do it! Roti with a simple curry sauce for dipping, what else do you need? If you don’t have access to a Malaysian restaurant or you’re not planning to head off to KP anytime soon, then just listen to Hanabi wax poetic about Kedai Makan. Hanabi also discussed Wanderlust IPA and Space Dust IPA I wanted to contribute a recipe this week. It’s breakfast, which tends to be my jam (get it?). If you love cheating at a recipe, then this is absolutely for you. It’s totally cheating. It’s essentially a caramelized peach pancake baked in a cast-iron skillet. It’s something like a cake, a Dutch Baby and a biscuit. All I know is that it’s awesome and if you’re entertaining an overnight guest, you will look the money.
Say what you will about Greek yogurt being a fad that is so over, and I’ll point you in the direction of a small ancient country on the Mediterranean Sea that will beg to differ with you. I thought I’d share a dead simple recipe for a little mid-week meal or lunch. It’s roughly based on any number of Mediterranean yogurt dishes, but the flavors are pretty consistent, except maybe for the avocado, but you can add or subtract items at will.
When in Rome you should eat at any number of places that we’re not delving into in this episode. But, when in San Francisco and you want to induce a meat coma, I urge you to head straight to Chef Chris Cosentino’s new spot Cockscomb in the up and coming SOMA district. If you’ve ever watch just about any Food Network or Cooking Channel show that involves running around a kitchen or a city in order to eat or buy supplies, he’s probably on it. Locally he’s known as the master of offal. Seriously, if you google offal and San Francisco, he comes up. I took a date to cockscomb and I don’t necessarily care about impressing a date with how much I can spend on a meal, rather I let good food take care of that. But, what I do like to do is order the funniest thing on a menu just because. So, for this date I had been reading up an people seemed to be talking about this shared pin-bone steak. It’s $110. I’ve spent more than that on a few precious ounces of genuine Kobe beef so I figured this would be a decent but not crazy sized piece of steak. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s was 4 lbs. of steak staring at us. I feel like we should have been warned that usually a group of 4 orders it. But, ces’t la vie it was delicious! Perfectly cooked and seasoned. Oh, and it’s served with a bone-marrow reduction. Um, I could main-line bone marrow. So, don’t miss Cockscomb. It’s delightful. But, you should try the roasted half-pigs head and let me know how it is.
One thing that Hanabi does well is find those highly local, road less-travelled kinds of places to eat. Anyone can review a Michelin three star affair, and many do. Hanabi does that too. But, sometimes you’ve got to give the little guy his big break. That’s Hanabi and that’s Tat’s Delicatessen in Pioneer Square, Seattle. Since they proclaim to be an East Coast deli, Hanabi decided to take them up on that and try out their Ruben and their Pastrami. Any deli enthusiast knows that a pastrami sandwich is served just one way.
Hanabi travelled to the land of ice and snow to eat all the Norse offerings. Highlights of the trip include delicious hot dogs at Maxi-Grillen in Stockholm, Nordisk Brodhus for breakfast in Copenhagen and a spirited attempt to visit Mission Taco in Oslo. So much good food and adventure, gentle listeners!
This week ID schools us on salt and grapefruit. Hanabi is MIA in some Scandinavian country. Let us also remind you of this Norwegian recipe we have covered before. He also decided to stop going to Asian restaurants and headed to Toulouse Petit for some rabbit and papardelle! Then a week later he decided he made a mistake. He relapsed at Lou's Sushi in Sacramento CA. He just can't get enough! Also he subscribed to Nature Box. There's a free trial box. Plus if you use the code “share10off” (share ten off), you get $10 of your second box! We think that's how it works, don't hold us to it... Also Beer.
On this week’s edition we strayed away from the delicious and delved into the disgusting, if only briefly. We read about a vegan restaurant in Canberra Australia that was infested with a certain, common yet vile pest. The details will make you less hungry for the delicious Senegalese avocado, mango salad that we give a recipe for. Okay, actually that salad is too delicious not to enjoy. Insane Dane gets all thoughtful by asking how “green” is vegetarianism? But, more importantly he made a fried chicken sandwich! Also, Hanabi read a sweet Lucky Peach article about identifying Dim-Sum. Brilliant!
If you haven’t heard by now, the California Foie Gras ban has been lifted. Californians are once again free to gorge themselves on fatted duck livers until their own livers become fatty and ready for consumption. It’s a controversial topic, with a lot of different points of view. Listen as Hanabi discusses the issues of our day. Also, Hanabi reviews Cedars in Seattle, a strange name for a Mediterranean restaurant that seems to serve Indian food. Insane Dane has waffles on the brain as well as a new Dish + Drink. Lastly, don’t name your kids Nutella in France. Seriously, just don’t.
Millennials are a curious thing. Even though 2/3 of DJ Hanabi are of that ilk, it’s still fun to point out their silly ways. We actually don’t go too deeply into the topic of these 21st century babes in the woods. But, we do chide them a little. Hey, lampooning is fun! You’ll hear all about in our review of one of San Francisco’s most trendy, yet awesome and spot on coffee houses, The Mill, located in the Western Addition/ NOPA (if you’re fancy) neighborhood on up and coming Divisadero St. They serve fancy toast and Hanabi is smitten! Hanabi also gives you some pro tips on how to do some perfect deep-frying, Japanese style. Note to Hanabi: Get that candy thermometer! And of course we check in with Insane Dane to discuss some Dish + Drink topics
This week Hanabi reviews brunch at Central Kitchen in San Francisco. Basically, it’s delicious! Such a great space too. There’s also a cool new gadget on the market, it’s one of Hanabi’s favorite things, an immersion circulator by Anova for Sous Vide cooking! Yay!!!! Also you gotta check out this Dish & Drink:
Alright, let’s be honest. It’s tough for DJ Hanabi and Insane Dane to talk about getting in shape, when we’re out there eating all the food so that you don’t have to. But, amidst all this, DJ Hanabi managed to drop 17 lbs. over the holidays. How you ask? Well, you’ll have to listen to the show won’t you? We’ll give you a couple of healthy recipes that are tasty and yet good for you. Also, Hanabi scoured the Pacific Northwest to bring some delightful restaurant reviews. As always, keep an eye on Dish + Drink for the good eats by Insane Dane.
Well 2014 was interesting. Hopefully 2015 is even more awesome. We visited some newer spots and discovered gold! Hapa Ramen is a project that I’ve been following on it’s journey from street cart vendor, to weekly pop-up restaurant to its final brick and mortar existence. It’s been interesting watching them grow up. The food is delicious. They also like to experiment with Ramen, so if you want to try cheeseburger ramen, they’re what’s up. We also take a trip to a small Pacific Northwest micro brewery called Maritime Pacific and Hanabi has the report. Insane Dane is still fighting off the winter blues, but it’s much easier with his sausage and mushroom pasta recipe on the Dish + Drink blog.