New Years is almost upon us. Instead of going out this year DJ Hanabi is hosting a little gathering. We aim to impress. With deliciousness such as Gougere’s, which are basically little cheese puffs. Hanabi is also pulling from left field to introduce Scotch Eggs as a New Years thing. You want fun drinks? Okay, how about Punch Parker, a Prosecco and Gin plus fresh fruit punch that is sure to have guests talking about how awesome of a host I am. Oh, and Hanabi is blowing you mind with his Vampiro recipe. It’s a cocktail; a mean looking cocktail.
In our efforts to further advance the “war on Christmas” DJ Hanabi wanted to find out a little more about the other holiday, in the phrase “happy holidays” aka Hanukkah. So, we went to resident Hanukkah expert, Insane Dane. He gave us the low-down. We came away with the following in mind. Pastrami and potato pancakes. Sold!!!!!!
There’s always bound to be a little bit of a holiday come down after all that Thanksgiving food, especially when we start to realize that Christmas and Hanukkah are so close at hand. Regardless, we have to press on with our eating adventures. Hanabi went out and tried Porkchop & Co. in the Ballard district in Seattle. He didn’t have the Porkchop, if you can believe that. He had some awesome grits though. I was in Carmel over the weekend, and I headed towards one of my all-time film favorites, Clint Eastwood’s former restaurant called The Hog’s Breath Inn to see if any of those old 1980’s vibes still remained. Also, I give you a simple, no-nonsense way to use up any Thanksgiving leftovers that you should really get rid of, and which will work for post Christmas leftovers brilliantly. A dense but fun episode for all.
With Thanksgiving in the rearview, we of course want to break it all down for you. Hanabi did his first orphan’s Thanksgiving in Seattle and was forced to live by his wits. We think he did it right in serving up some oxtail stew, scallions and brussels sprouts. Other Hanabi gives his favorite turkey day wine pairing (hint: it’s Beaujolais). He also tells you the right way to make mashed potatoes (hint: you’re doing it wrong). Finally, Insane Dane provides you with a kickass, not-quite kosher stuffing recipe at Dish + Drink!
DJ Hanabi is going places this year. Stops planned include Sweden and South Africa. We also discussed a crazy pop-up restaurant project in Copenhagen called Spisehuset Rub & Stub where they’re trying to cut down on food waste by serving less than perfect food that otherwise wouldn’t make it to a market shelf. We also get into Chop Bars in Ghana for good measure. Don’t forget to check out Dish + Drink with Insane Dane!
It took us two shows to chronicle Hanabi’s trip to Mexico. So, settle in for some good old fashioned tales of continuing adventure in the land down under, Texas.
DJ Hanabi went gallivanting off to Mexico. He chronicles his adventures for all who will listen. Mexican cuisine is far more diverse and regional than you ever knew. It’s not all tacos and it’s definitely not burritos folks. Let Hanabi show you how Mexico does it.
You can’t be firing on all cylinders all the time. Hanabi describes one of those times at a Seattle favorite of ours, Skillet Diner. Guys, there’s Game of Thrones beer! Winter is Coming and we’re all going to get wasted!
Sometimes it’s best to stay home and sous vide a pork tenderloin, to perfection. We’ll tell you how. Also, check out what breakfast looks like around the world (Note: English and Irish breakfast, with a side of blueberry pancakes wins). Also, you should make simple syrup, not just because it’s simple.
Correction on the Top Chef recording rant from last week. It turns out that was preview and the first episode aired last night. Can we all just agree Padma is mailing it in? Anyway, We discussed visits to Moto in Chicago and WD50 in New York. Insane Dane is just that, insane. Smart Chopsticks?
Eatopia With DJ Hanabi! Aperol Me Bro Edition!
Hanabi headed to D.C. and discovered that it has many edible gems. Some of the favorites were Volt in Fredrick MD, which was no joke! Also, Union Market is a magical food emporium, especially with vendors like Red Apron Butchery. You would have to be stupid to leave town without trying Toki Underground. You would be even more foolish if you didn’t stop by Ben’s Chili Bowl for a half smoke. Hanabi did all of those things.
Finally we get to talk about some food around here! We delve into some simple food, for those who aren’t as good at cooking as Hanabi is. Insane Dane unleashes his madness as well
Who knew, but Guatemala can really hook a player up with a hot dog. Hanabi was part of a super funny event that involved chef Michael Tusk of Quince, and MC Hammer. The strangeness of this occurrence, necessitated a hot dog from Los Shucos. Whoa!
DJ Hanabi loves fair food. Corndogs are a staple. Nobody’s talking about them because we’re so wrapped up in gluten content. We need to start talking about corndogs. So, we did.
DJ Hanabi and Insane Dane are no different from you. We have certain foods where if it’s put in front of us, we’re pretty much going to ravage it. Sometimes a Wheat Thin can cause a feeding frenzy.
Like any other form of pop culture the food scene is not immune to trends both good and bad. Much like the last 15 years of SNL sketches, some trends don’t quite know when to end. We discuss some recent food trends on this week’s show. You’ll totally agree with us.
Since it’s photo week we thought we should shed some light on some top notch food photography. is a personal favorite. They even call themselves a visual potluck. Offline DJ Hanabi said it was like Pinterest for food. Great observation, and it would have been even more impactful had he said it during the show! We also discussed my newest food shopping obsession, Instacart. Seriously, it’s awesome.
This week I just had to talk about the upcoming release of the second installment of hilarious Brit-com, The Trip with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. This time the lads head to Italy. I can’t wait! Also, I headed down to lesser known corner of the Bay Area, a city of about 1 Million people, and home to Adobe (Yes, Photoshop. That Adobe.) AKA, San Jose where I had a calorie bust at the San Pedro Square Market (re: Poutine). Insane Dane did one of my favorite things in the world, he had brunch, at a supper club.
DJ Hanabi just texted me to tell me that Forbes has reported that Seattle is the current number 2 coolest city in the country. Someone is feeling a little sure of themselves. We figured we’d let him back it up by giving an update now that he’s a little more settled in his new digs. Tanakasan sounds like it hits the spot.
We finally got to interview chef Brian Kimball, the founder of San Francisco’s Magic Curry Kart. Brian has been a huge influence on the San Francisco street food scene. His makeshift bike/kitchen was a staple of the early street food scent and could be seen throughout the city streets serving up delicious, traditional style Thai curries. We sat down with Brian to discuss where the idea came from and where it’s going.
Yes, we like Ramen. Get over it! But seriously, there was a first of its kind Ramen festival in San Francisco so we feel obliged to cover it. The good and the bad.
Hanabi up and did it. He moved to Seattle, and he did it all for Eatopia to help expand our horizons. I love Seattle and so should you. If you’re in town, now you have a place to stay. Also on the show Hanabi may have mentioned he enjoys dining at Walrus and the Carpenter. While it may be good, he meant to say How to Cook a Wolf which is a totally different restaurant that doesn’t serve wolf. But they may serve Wolves.
This week discuss the observance of Ramadan and what it means to those who take part. We also say goodbye to one of the first bakeries to jump on the cupcake bandwagon. Us West Coast foodies also have a reason to be sad since Manresa will be closed for a few months to repair damage from a huge fire of 4th of July weekend.
Dane really got out there and got all fancy last weekend. Check out his report on the Fancy Food Show that happened on June 29 in New York City. I on the other hand got ready for 4th of July BBQ parties by going to Super Duper Burgers, which is possibly San Francisco’s answer to Shake Shack. Okay, so maybe it’s not as good, but we’re trying.
Surfs up peeps! On this edition the team gives some insight into beach living, as well as our favorites that come from the majesty that is the ocean. Also, for the record not all of us Californians actually surf. That’s a rumor that the Beach Boys started.
Hmmmmm, so many possible interpretations of “break through” to be applied here. Where to begin? For starters we thought we’d highlight someone who broke through the norm, in our opinion at least, and brought something new to the tried and true. In this case it was chocolate chip cookies. Insane Dane and Hanabi also have some very localized opinions on breaking through, and breaking the mold.
Some nights you have to focus on meals that empty the pantry. Hanabi is very good at this and he shares his, not so secret if you’re an Italian grandmother, for a quick, and tasty pasta dish. Hanabi also tells us how not to shop for Brussels sprouts.
Dating is rough. The right food on date night can make or break you. There’s an elusive balance that must be struck when choosing a date night restaurant. Too romantic and and you’ve blown it. Too fancy and you’ve not only blown it, you’ve blown your bank account and you look like a douche who is trying too hard to impress. Too informal, and you look cheap. Too quiet and you seem boring, too loud and you can’t carry a conversation. You get the point. Let DJ Hanabi and Insane Dane help you. We have great ideas.
The price we pay to live in premier cities such as New York and San Francisco among others is often staggering to those don’t live there. If you show a born and bred Omaha-ian the cost of a 300 square foot studio in one of those cities you may be guilty of manslaughter as our friend from Omaha suffers what’s sure to be a heart attack. The effect of high rent is also felt in the cost of living, and is especially noticeable in the cost of food. A $20 burger isn’t weird to those of us who choose to live in these world class cities. Yeah, we addressed that stuff.
We’re feeling lazy. We want things to be easy, not hard. That’s where we’re at with it all this week. But, we don’t want to eat garbage food either. We need to figure something out so that we can maintain our foodie street cred, but not actually have to make much of an effort. Also, Hanabi will in the very near future be reporting from Seattle. We’ve got the west coast and east coast locked down!
Hanabi discusses some of the notable James Beard award winners. Then Hanabi begins to criticize all of the winners and claim that the entire thing is rigged and the selection committee will give awards away for any restaurant willing to bump them to the front of the line on weekends. Oh, and Hot Dougs is closing!!!! NO!!!!!
Friend of the show, Luis aka Guapo, followed his beloved San Francisco Giants on epic journey to watch them in a tilt against both New York outfits. But, really he went to eat himself silly in BTR's backyard. Guapo regales us with his vists to places like Betony, and an accidental, but highly acclaimed visit to Udon West where he found good food for like seven bucks! Of course there were visits to Shake Shack, and at least one David Chang venture, Momofuku Milk Bar which seems to have become like going to Disneyland for us non-locals.
Just as the rest of the country is experiencing a winter that will not go down without a fight, San Francisco experienced a fogless day in the 70’s, which for us is full-blown summer. So, with all that summer weather swirling around Hanabi figured we needed to discuss small batch, hand-crafted ice cream. MMMMMMM, Smitten!!!!!!!! No, Hanabi isn’t smitten, that’s the name of the ice cream shop.
Wow! This episode gets heavy. Just fair warning. Hanabi has so many thoughts concerning GMO labeling. Since Vermont is the first state to pass legislation regarding mandatory labeling of GMO foods, it seemed like as good a time as any to jump into this hot issue. Also, if you like weird Japanese snack food, there’s a service called Skoshbox that will deliver them to your doorstep. What a country!
Okay, the upcoming Easter holiday doesn’t carry as much spiritual weight for Hanabi. Easter makes us think of delicious Cabury Crème Eggs, and fond memories of a giant bunny leaving repackaged Halloween candy in baskets. But, just because we’re godless heathens, doesn’t mean that we don’t have family Easter traditions. Insane Dane is on the other hand is a good boy. He takes part in all of the 3,000 year old Passover traditions. How on Earth did he get mixed up with us?
t’s Blue Week at BTR. So, naturally we thought of Blue Cheese. But, Blue cheese has been done to death, so we wanted to discuss some other cheeses and share with you our favorites. Also here’s a simple little recipe for Raclette and potatoes. It’s simple: Take fingerling potatoes, add cornichons, add sliced shallots and drizzle melted Raclette cheese plus salt and pepper and eat. See how easy that was?
Hanabi has just returned from his ancestral home in Austria where an epic five country father and son spree was had. Hanabi and Hanabi Sr. experienced all the eats that Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany and France could heave at them. From plate-sized Schnitzels to currywusrt to wild boar steaks this trip had it all!
This week Hanabi has a monster review of Ichi Sushi. Needless to say, you need to eat there. Also we will hear about his newfound success in making Tempura. We will also hear about some food trucks who have also found success in their culinary endeavors.
So this week we thought we should drop some real talk about the language that food producers use to either reel us in or to de-emphasize some of the gross things they're putting in our food.
If you’ve ever spent any time in Sacramento or should you find your plane to San Francisco diverted and forced to land there and thus spend time there then you will no doubt be pointed in the direct of the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op. Much like Rainbow Foods in San Francisco it is the most granola place you could ever want to go. But, lurking beneath these totems to tofu, is a pretty cool employee owned business. You’ll find that the fans of these places are die-hard and I have to agree with them, they do stock some of the best produce. Yes, this is a very California thing. We also chatted a bit about urban co-op gardens which we think is a very cool way to make use of otherwise unused urban lots.
Is Danny Bowien really serving fried Skate tacos at his new Mission Cantina in New York? Yes. He totally is. Cheers to him for helping the people of New York get a taste of some good old fashioned Mexican cuisine, from California. 

We also heard from Sabina, Joe Nolan and Deniro Farrar and Sabina
We discussed food trends that need to die off before (I’m looking at you bacon) but we thought it might be a great idea to discuss some foods that have already gone the way of the dinosaur. Or should I say the Bronto Burger (That’s a pun kids)
This week we decided to take full advantage of subscription week here at BTR to discuss our favorite food related subscription models.
Food is a pretty solid inspirational tool to get up in the morning. Hanabi discusses the influence of Science in the Molecular Gastronomy scene. Also, Hanabi discusses his experience in getting a bad oyster. Oysters are like Russian Roulette. Check out this seedy recipe!
With it being “Drugs” week here at BTR, we thought we had some things to add to the discussion. As we know the abundance, and sometimes overabundance of certain kinds of food in the U.S. has led to issues with food and how it’s consumed that would be considered unimaginable in many of the countries on Earth that struggle just to put in enough food on the tables of their citizens. We also took a few minutes to chat about our Super Bowl Sunday menus.
We did it! Well Hanabi did it. Hanabi hosted an epic party celebrating our favorite cold warriors and their various eats. The party was inspired after purchasing a copy of the iconic Soviet era cookbook entitled, The Book of Tasty and Healthy Food. Russian deli’s were pillaged and the vodka flowed like water. Under the watchful eye of the party, a good time was had by all.
Hanabi and Insane Dane managed to have killer weekends, from attempts at romance in Monterey to Cambodiatown in Long Beach to decent sushi in New Jersey, we had quite the weekend.
Ok, we all do it. Not one of us is immune to it's siren call. No, I'm not talking about the ones who liked to call weary sailors to their deaths. I'm talking about Trader Joes, the store with $2 bottles of wine of course. We thought it would be a great idea to discuss our personal keys to a successful TJ's run.
There’s a reason they call it dinner and a movie and that reason is because both of those things are awesome. It’s awesome having dinner while watching a movie (re: Foreign Cinema in San Francisco). But, how often do we actually think about the subject of food on film? Probably not often, but when you sit down and think about it, you’ll realize there are some great moments in film that center around food. What’s Animal House without John Belushi’s zit impression. It’s still a damn funny movie, but whatevs, you get my drift.
Most New Years resolutions revolve around getting in shape and doing it right. Ok, I started that way back in 2013, so this year’s resolutions will be focused on enhancing existing vices, and of course expanding our culinary intake. Insane Dane has wasted no time in resolution making for 2014. He’s on a quest for the perfect Bloody Mary and to that I say good work. Meanwhile I’m working up a thirst for my upcoming trip to Switzerland, Austria and Germany. As a beer guy, I figure this a prime opportunity to get more into German beers than I have admittedly been. Sorry Belgium, I’m cheating on you with a Dunkel! Also, I want to learn to cook Ethiopian and Eritrean food like a pro. Injera we trust! Last but not least, DJ Hanabi wants to make some bomb ass tempura.