Ugh! Eating! We’ve been doing it since Thanksgiving and we’re paying the price for it. Hanabi and Insane Dane readily acknowledge our doughy frames and as per usual, our New Years resolution is to get trim. We mean it this time! Please join us as some of the most out of shape individuals tell you how to get rid of those post-holiday pounds. Insane Dane’s Dish + Drink article is certainly helping. Thanks Dane!
Since we’re based in the tech-capital of the country, if not the world we thought it might be interesting to see how all the gizmo-tech relates to the food we eat. Hanabi discovered a local SF service called that delivers fresh, healthy food prepared by local chefs. The site is slick and easy to use. Hanabi noted that the same guy who brought us the terrible Google Glass may have redeemed himself with a lab made burger. Insane Dane wants you to know about Star Trek, specifically “Earl Grey. Hot!”.
So we're not quite ready for the holidays just yet. We've still got a couple more weeks officially, but hey that's when you should be planning to throw a total rager. We asked Insane Dane to come up with some epic mixed drinks and with my discovery of the Soviet era cookbook, The Book of Tasty and Healthy Foods I'm now planning to host the Communist Party and I don't mean Lenin and Stalin, although they would approve. Na Zdorovie!
One of the food trends we love and hope doesn't go away or sucked in and spat out by the casual dining usurpers is the venerable gastropub. Some of our favorites are Brickyard in NYC, The Pourhouse in Sacramento and my personal favorite Father's Office in L.A. If you happen to be in any of these cities, and in the mood for an extensive and lovingly prepared beer list and elevated bar bites I suggest that you listen to the Eatopia trio.
Hanabi and Insane Dane are spent. We’ve had enough turkey and stuffing, but not enough to let all those leftovers go to waste. If you’re wondering what to do with your own leftovers then this is the show for you. Each of us has our own spin on using leftovers. Don’t forget to hang with Insane Dane and Dish + Drink either.
Traditions are a great thing to have, especially holiday traditions. But, sometimes you need to add your little part to the ongoing tradition in order to write your part of the story. Although we love to wax poetic about our favorite Thanksgiving traditions, we thought it would be a bold move to discuss what we intend to bring to the table this year, that maybe our grandmothers would probably frown upon, but that fifty years from now, some spoiled brat descendent of ours will be totally eating seconds of our dish, when others didn't even get a first serving because the kid is a total jerk, and because the dish is that good.
Sometimes you’ve just got to get away, and DJ Hanabi and Insane Dane are no strangers to the call to wander. The holidays make a great time to take a holiday. Insane Dane will be reporting from Florida while visiting family. Hanabi will also be visiting family in Mexico. Of course outdoing both of them, Hanabi is taking his dad to Lichtenstein to visit the town where his grandparents came from. Also, Hanabi’s grandfather’s name is Franz Ferdinand, named after the band of course. Also Check out a great article from BTR concerning food safety and getting trans-fats the hell out, by Tanya Silverman.
It's that time again! Time for the season of sick. Our man Insane Dane is starting the season off right, with a nice case of the flu. Way to go! We figured it's as good a time as any to discuss our favorite immune system boosting cold and flu fighters. Some of us grew up on matzo ball soup, some of us posole and some of us are like Bruce Willis in Unbreakable and have never known what it's like to be sick. If you're feeling just a little off your game, like a bug may be setting up shop then we have the show for you. Also, check out Insane Dane's latest Dish + Drink recipe.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Right but what does that have to do with eating Bagels? Nothing, unless you rephrase it like so: when in New York, do as the New Yorkers do. That pretty much means folding your pizza in half, trying to be Gordon Gecko when you're really just Bud Fox, and most importantly eating bagels all the time. I can officially say I hadn't really had a bagel until I visited Murray's Bagels in Chelsea. Delicious! I'm sold. Their bagels had perfect texture, and their cream cheese was subtly flavored and thankfully not over the top. Insane dane, Eatopia's resident bagel expert and Hanabi discuss the virtues of good bagels in this episode. Also, check out Insane Dane's latest Dish + Drink recipe.
I do love New York City in the fall, and I do love watching my Minnesota Vikings. So, it seemed like a brilliant idea to o go and see both at the same time as my beloved Vikings were set to battle the completely rotten, winless New York Giants. If my Vikings are good at anything, it's making terrible teams look brilliant. They did not fail me under the bright lights of Metlife Stadium. This was also a great opportunity to meet up with regular contributor to the show, Insane Dane. He accompanied me to the game and showed me what a truly delicious stadium dog New Yorkers are privileged to have. We went right for the Kosher dog vendor and got a perfectly cooked dog with sauerkraut. Pair that with a Stella and we were in business. Check out Insane Dane's take on Game day in his latest Dish + Drink.
Food trends, they come and they go but some should never have been born. Join us and Insane Dane as we delve into some current food trends that need to die off sooner than later. Also, as usual check out what Insane Dane is whipping up in Dish + Drink.
Aw yeah, it’s fall peeps! It’s time to get excited about roasting things again as well as fall vegetables, soups and of course pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING!!!! Also, Halloween doesn’t just have to be about stupid little kids running around in unimaginative costumes trying to assert their perceived rights to free candy. Instead, it can be about fun dinner parties and costumes for adults with the adjective “sexy” affixed to the label. Oh Yeah... We also have beer too!
As you know, DJ Hanabi is always ready to tackle the tough issues. This week is no different. We decided to address the issue of food diversity as relates to our food choices. In cities such as New York and San Francisco that have new restaurants opening all the time it can be difficult to try them all and yet still make time for the favorite haunts.
Friend of the show, Luis aka Guapo, followed his beloved San Francisco Giants on epic journey to watch them in a tilt against both New York outfits. But, really he went to eat himself silly in BTR’s backyard. Guapo regales us with his vists to places like Betony, and an accidental, but highly acclaimed visit to Udon West where he found good food for like seven bucks! Of course there were visits to Shake Shack, and at least one David Chang venture, Momofuku Milk Bar which seems to have become like going to Disneyland for us non-locals.
Just like everyone in New York is a heavy set Italian guy who earns his living in the "sanitation" business, it's common knowledge that everyone in San Francisco is a vegetarian with vegan aspirations. So, we figured we would see what it's like to live like a vegetarian for a day. Please note that we're not convinced that cheeseburgers aren't actually vegetarian.
Quince is a one Michelin star restaurant that is somewhat of a local legend around town and I just happened to have dinner there on the same night we recorded the show. It was fresh in mind so I needed to discuss. In our quest to be as diverse as possible we cleanly segued into burger talk, specifically Umami Burger. Since we we're already discussing burgers, we wanted to give a shout out to the fast food workers seeking a living wage.
I'm ready for some football edition of Eatopia!
So Hanabi and Insane Dane had a chance to experience a cross-country culinary phenomenon. No, they did not open an In and Out burger in NYC. But, they did open an NYC version of the San Francisco cult classic, Mission Chinese Food. Even though those NYC folks don't exactly know what the Mission in Mission Chinese Food means we can at least share a good meal even if we're 3,000 miles away. Hey New York. Don't say San Francisco never gave you anything.
San Francisco knows how to party. When we want to showcase local food we block off about six blocks in one of the city's most eclectic neighborhoods. A hundred vendors lined up to bring you the most imaginative portable food creations. That's the San Francisco Street Food Festival.
America loves to party and America loves party snacks. Hanabi always brings the party, and Hanabi always brings the snacks. Yes it's the snack episode. We'll be talking all about our favorite snacks and whether they're any good for us. Scintillating!  Also check out some bleeps and blips by my man Aphex Twin and other savory tracks by Band of Horses and American Analog Set
In this edition we wanted to chat about that looming, omnipresent ode to suburban sprawl that is the “casual dining restaurant.” If there is a strip meal nearby, there is sure to be a “casual dining restaurant” involved. Regardless of the regional brand, or “authentic cuisine” they purport to offer, one thing remains the same. These restaurants are no place for the concerned foodie. Or is it? We discuss, and come up with some startling revelations.
I know what you're thinking. "What the hell am I going to do with all these tough cuts of meat? I mean I saved all kinds of money, but now what?" Seriously, don't sweat it. We got this. We're about to get our braise on son! That's right. It's time to talk a little technique this week, specifically braising. Also, Dish + Drink is on point.
Going out to eat isn't all fun and games kids. There are endless things in this world that are irritating, but since we only have an hour we'll try and limit our list down to just things that happen in restaurants. At least Dish + Drink is always a non irritating breath of fresh air. We also had some sweet bands like Bishop Allen, Foals, and the incredibly awesome Japandroids.
It’s semi-official (it never is until the tickets are purchased) Hanabi is heading back to Japan and making his debut appearance in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur to be exact. So much eating to prepare for! Hanabi is a huge fan of Takoyaki, those doughy little octopus filled balls slathered in that crazy worcestershire sauce and Japanese mayonnaise. In KL Hanabi is going to put back enough Laksa to feed an entire village! Like I said, so much food. Hanabi will report in full on this adventure. You can bet on it! In the meantime Insane Dane drops a delicious curried mussel dish over on the Dish + Drink blog.
Cupcakes are stupid. Nobody cares. It's all about donuts now, though Homer Simpson has been trying to tell us for over 20 years. Hanabi is totally down with this, and has been for quite some time. New York has it's Cronuts as Dane will tell you about on Dish + Drink. But, San Francisco wins with Dynamo donuts, it's not a race though. Donuts are awesome. Embrace them.
If you've never been to an Asian dessert diner, you're totally missing out. These places are fascinating. With delicious things like Hong Kong milk tea, egg puffs, roti buns, honey boxes you're in for a treat. As lame as that just sounded I can assure you it's the truth. Whatever you do, stay away from the sweet green bean soup because it's just weird. Oh, and don't forget to check out the latest Dish + Drink, it's about fish.
Since we’re headed towards the 4th of July Hanabi and I thought we’d share our plans for the holiday as well as some our nostalgic memories from holidays past. Basically, Hanabi is a communist as he’s not really doing anything this year, at least nothing exciting. Yours truly on the other hand is going fullon Argentine BBQ for this ID4. We’re building a Parrilla in my back yard to fully execute my vision.
As we were recording the show, I noticed just across the street from my downtown office a gigantic twenty foot banner on the side of a building advertising Big Gulps. At the same moment the ad went up, somewhere in NYC Mayor Bloomberg must have had a sudden headache. So, we chatted a little about the soda ban. Insane Dane and I give him credit from trying to tackle a larger issue. Hanabi thinks that it’s inconvenient to have to double fist soda. Also, we talk about a very strange medium for a Chipotle advertisement, in the form of a music and food festival in Golden Gate park. Don’t forget to check out the latest Dish + Drink by our man Dane!
Since we had an interview last week and didn't get to chat with our man on the street Dane. So, in perfect DJ Hanabi fashion, Hanabi talks about himself for three segments before letting Dane get a word in edgewise. But, not without good reason as Hanabi was talking about his visit to an SF favorite Benu. That and a small recap of corndogs at Disneyland, which may be the best anywhere. Dane finally killed it with his latest Dish+Drink entry focusing on his recipe for Shakshuka. Damn!
This week we chatted up my fellow Minnesotan Anitgoni Sander McCloud. She’s restaurateur and budding television personality. Antigoni brings the wonders of Greek cuisine to Minneapolis as the owner of Kafe 421. She’s also a regular on Twin Cities Live as an on air recipe consultant. We didn’t get to talk about Adrian Peterson being a beast for the Vikings again this season, but we did get to chat about one of the coolest cities you’ve probably made the mistake of dismissing. Dude, Prince is from there! What more do you need? Also, be sure to check out the Dish + Drink blog for Insane Dane’s latest summer recipe.
So it’s Best of Summer week at BTR. We highlighted Dane’s latest post to Dish + Drink and we talked about our favorite summer eats and learned that Hanabi is a bit sentimental and prefers foods on sticks during the warm summer months whereas Hanabi likes grilled peaches on EVERYTHING! We also had a little Dim Sum weekend recap.
Well, Dane is already making it possible for us to be in two places at once. This last weekend Dane takes us to Googa Mooga, a large food and music gathering in Brooklyn. Don't worry because we're jealous too! Dane is also killing it on the Dish + Drink blog on BTR as well. Check out his write up of Googa Mooga and more pics here!
Happy girls week! We’re dropping an all ladies of music kind of show this week. Also, we’re introducing an on-going collaboration with BTR hype man, DJ Dane or as we like to call him Insane Dane! Dane will be repping the New York area for Eatopia and contributing mightily to the show by taking us California hayseeds on a weekly foodie tour of the NYC area. Everyone Welcome Dane to Eatopia!
Australia is the jam kids. From Flat Whites to Koalas (non-edible of course!!) to epic Argentinean roasthouses staffed by uber-rockabillies to awesome meat pies with mashed peas and potatoes eaten street-side, Sydney and Melbourne had it all.
DJ Hanabi's Eatopia - The Kiwi Edition
Ah yeah, Key Lime pie! What's better? Key Lime by Hanabi. yeah that's awesome. Want the recipe? Okay.
One of my favorite topics, snickerdoodles, was discussed. Nuff said! Seriously though a show about cookies is just awesome. It's all down hill from here peeps.
So Hanabi nailed an interview by proxy. Interviewing an introvert with severe social anxiety is probably one of the best ways I can think of to fill up an hours worth of content. Hey, at least you don't have much to edit though! Ok, so Hanabi couldn't actually get Enrique to talk to us, but he did give us his recipe for a bad ass chicken marinade which requires Tecate, and only Tecate. Way to go Hanabi!
Hanabi has been waiting to bust out this baked mac n' cheese recipe for you. He's really been dying to break it out. I kept telling him it's no longer mac n' cheese season and to wait for next year. So, he went out of his way to see to it that my totalitarian leanings weren't going to suppress his mac n' cheese recipe and keep it from the people. So, yeah. Mac n' cheese go! Oh yeah, and what's up with those crazy flavored Lays potato chips? Well he touched on that too.
It's time we talked about my new obsession, overnight oatmeal. It's seriously the best thing ever. My lady doesn't make much in the way of food in our house. I keep our (my) kitchen on lockdown. But she's been crushing it at making overnight oatmeal. I would let her use one of my Shun knives to open a can if she would make it for me again. Anyway, never has oats, chia seeds, greek yogurt, honey, fruit and skim milk mixed in a mason jar tasted so good. Check out some great overnight oatmeal recipes at The Yummy Life. We also talked about how shrimp and grits is getting super popular at Yankee brunch spots. Grits, they’re not just for Alabamians anymore!
Yeah, I totally used a buzz word to talk about food just now. I might even say paradigm at some point. Sue me! Anyway, we figured it's an interesting time in the world of food. Collectively we have so many options beyond the typical brick and mortar restaurant and grocery store experience. Even just 10 years ago, the idea of choosing to eat from a food truck, let alone many different food trucks just wasn't something you did. But, now look at us. The phrase “food truck pod” or, a gathering of delicious food trucks is a real thing. The increasing ability to get farm to table ingredients delivered to you by an online service is expanding, as is the availability of healthy, high quality ready-made and pre-portioned food delivery services. These truly are fast times we're living in.
I grew up in a house where my father bought every single kitchen contraption he happened across. He's never used any of it. Ever! Like father like son, my cupboards are crammed with gear, but I swear I actually use it. In this edition we discuss some good stuff to have vs. the junk you don’t need.
Hanabi and I discuss the harsh dystopian reality that is; waiting in line for a seat at popular restaurant as well as the glory and accolades received by those who manage to score a reservation at a top restaurant. Also, who has tried Mission Chinese Food's NYC version? I'm dying to hear about it.
On this edition, we discuss other people who discuss food. On the internet. Much like any other happening scene, we foodies have to be all up on the internet. Otherwise, you could be in serious jeopardy of being super late to the party. Imagine if someone you know all of sudden starts talking about the Ally McBeal dancing baby, as if it was still a thing. You would hella eye-roll them to death. Well, the eating scene is no different. So one must keep up with the times and we thought we would highlight some of our secrets. For example, is probably one of the best ways to stay current on the local restaurant scene. It will tell you what’s new, and hip and where to be seen. Yelp kind of pisses us off. Seriously, some people will just never be satisfied with anything. But, we still like to see things from a customer’s perspective as well as crappy photos. Sometimes food should be funny, and for the funniest we go straight to the Vegan Black Metal Chef. He’s funny!
Ok, New York's alright, if you like saxophones. But seriously, you can't get good Mexican food there. It's just not possible. Living in California has it's advantages, and Mexican eats are one of them. Of course regionally, if you're from L.A., you will most likely tell someone from San Francisco that you can't get good Mexican food there. The person from San Diego would tell you that you can't get good Mexican food in L.A. and the person from Tijuana would say all of us. Burrito? What's a burrito? You just made that up guys! That person would be right by the way. Anyway, if you live in Indiana or Ohio, then come visit and see what the fuss is about!
This week we thought we would investigate the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, if that's your thing. We discuss places to eat if you want to go that route, such as one of my Favorite non San Francisco places, The Pig’s Ear in Dublin Ireland. We share our thoughts on cooking for Valentine’s Day. We also discover that Hanabi just wants to skip the food and get right to the drinking.
San Francisco fans do not like to lose a big game. That much is evident in the aftermath of last Sunday's tilt between the 49ers and the Ravens. As an impartial viewer whose Minnesota Vikings were long since sent packing, I found it an opportune time to delve deeply into some proper game time snacks. DJ Hanabi did too, and he did it large! Hanabi went crazy on brats, tri-tip and other treats, while I made an elevated form of nachos with flank steak and a chimichurri sauce. We also talk about an alarming trend in food styling.
We decided to pursue our individual dreams for this one. We totally crushed it at dream making! My dream was to be able to cook using the sous vide technique at home, without laying out a cool grand for an immersion circulator. If I’m speaking mumbo jumbo right now, check this out! Anyway I ended up buying a $160 solution, and wanted to test it out using an unforgiving ingredient, fish. I used a nice 1 pound cut of Patagonian Toothfish, which is what Chilean Sea Bass actually is, and I sealed it in my vacuum seal bag with some herbs, olive oil, salt and pepper and dropped it in its’ water bath at 127 degrees. If you’re still wondering about sous vide cooking, part of it’s big draw is that you can never over cook something since it’s sitting water that will never exceed the desired temperature. It’s kind of weird at first to accept the fact that you can cook something in tepid water. But I accepted this long ago, and that’s why my fish turned out awesome!
The Restaurant Week NYC Edition
With 2012 at a close, we feel like we should close the door on a fad that jumped the shark when Denny’s introduced “Baconalia.” With that said, bacon is delicious, versatile and I might even say necessary but ermahgerd, you don’t have to tell everyone you’re eating it all the time or wear it on a t-shirt. So let’s just have a little DJ Hanabi year in review for bacon.
Spain is rad, and their food is next level. I just found a new purveyor of Spanish staples and to be honest I've been going absolutely mental. You could say I've been going in Spain. Ok, that may have been the best pun of my career.
Wow, what a year! 2013 means that your cooking show is growing up. We’ve changed the name to Eatopia, and we’re looking to discuss more food adventures from all over with the help of some great guest DJs and their friends in the world of eats. In this edition Hanabi visits Seattle and Portland and regales us with his adventures.