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Premiere DateJul 8, 2012
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10:20 Circles Apparat
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20:49 One Armed Scissor At The Drive In
24:30 Cops On Bikes Facing New York
28:44 White Oak Doors Defeater
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41:30 High off life Kid Cudi
46:37 Hope Boris
50:00 Duermete As Tall As Lions
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The Pizza Party Cooking Show

This time in addition to awesome tunes we wanted to talk to you about something really sweet. Pizza. Everybody likes pizza. That is unless you’re a super weirdo. If that’s the case I have nothing more to say to you. Anyway, Pizza comes in many different varieties and all practitioners clam to hold the deep secrets of this deliciously, and decidedly American of dishes.

Chicago. The Windy City. A super awesome town, with the most epic hot dogs ever! But Chicago is also famous, or some might say infamous, for it’s mile thick, glacier slow to cook, pies. I don’t get caught in the debate over which Chicago style is actually pizza or not. I happen to believe it’s pizza, so it’s pizza.

Ask any new yorker and they will tell you a thing or two about Pizza, and how it’s supposed to be. New York style pizza is built around a razor thin crust. Please note that when eating an NYC pie (it’s not a pizza in New York. It’s a pie.) Know a New York pie by it’s thin crust, lite sauce and delicious taste.

Also, please note that Tony Monero has to fold his pizza to eat it. This is called tacoing. You can also taco, tacos.

Lastly if you’re ever in Phnom Penh, head on over to Happy Herb’s Pizza for all your marijuana covered pizza needs.

Hey, how about that music?

Here it is:

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