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Premiere DateMay 27, 2012
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00:00 Cooking with DJ Linus
01:10 Cold Turkey – Zach Brock and the Coffeeachievers
06:03 Taniec – Bodek Janke
14:37 Long Way Home – Alma Micic
19:23 Cooking with DJ Linus
20:04 New York Is My Home – Victor Jones’ Cultur Versy
23:23 Maybe You Lose Your Heart – Simon Wyrsch
32:08 Spaceships Over Haiti – Daniel Bernard Roumain
37:20 Cooking with DJ Linus
38:23 Two Heads One Pillow – Gerald Clayton
44:13 Den Hvide Bro – Anne Mette Iversen
52:15 1 4-U Dijanna – Victor Jones
55:45 Cooking with DJ Linus
56:05 The Traveller – The Travellers
61:41 Finish

A delicious recipe on today’s BTR Cooking Show with Linus: Steak with a mushroom-peppercorn sauce.

Ingredients for steak with a mushroom-peppercorn sauce
Button mushrooms
Green or black peppercorns
Dijon mustard
Beef broth
Heavy cream
Favorite steak (for example Filet Mignon)
Salt & ground pepper
Sides: Pasta and/or vegetables

In 3 very simple steps (listen to the show for more details!):
Cook steak to your liking in skillet, cook diced mushrooms and chopped chives in skillet (prepare sidedishes)
mix dijon mustard with peppercorns, add this, beef broth and heavy cream in pan and bring to a boil. Add mushrooms and chives.
Finish sauce and pour it over steak. Garnish with chopped chives and sidedishes.

Other ingredients for this weeks Cooking Show:
Music by Zach Brock and the Coffeeachievers, Bodek Janke, Alma Micic, Victor Jones’ Cultur-Versy and many others.

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Alma Micic
June 16th 2012, GBar, Grand Concourse – Bronx, New York
July 31st 2012, GBa, Grand Concourse – Bronx, New York

Gerald Calyton
May 31st 2012, Theater at Meyden Bauer Center (w/ The Clayton Brothers) – Bellevue, WA
June 9th 2012, BMW Jazz Festival (w/ The Clayton Brothers) – Sao Paulo, Brazil
June 23rd 2012, Max of Eastman Place – Rochester, NY

Anne Mette Iversen


Zach Brock & The Cofeeachievers – Cold Turkey
Album: Chemistry
Zach Brock (violin), Sam Barsheshet (p, org), Matt Wigton (b) and more

Bodek Janke – Taniec
Album: Global Dance Kulture
Bodek Janke (d, perc, fl, voc, …) Philipp Bardenberg (b-g, voc), Maxim Begun (sax, voc), Esa Bikic (voc), Joachim Gellert (tuba), Aniko Kanthak (voc) and Kristjan Randalu (p)

Alma Micic – Long Way Home
Album: The Hours
Alma Micic (voc), Brandon McCune (p), Sean Conly (b) and Gregory Hutchinson (d)

Victor Jones’ Cultur-Versy – New York Is My Home & 1-4-U-Dijanna
Album: Cultur-Versy
Victor Jones (d, perc), Romeo Williams (b, kbds) and Eddie E.Z. Wilson (voc)

Simon Wyrsch – Maybe You Lose Your Heart
Album: Rainbow Colors
Simon Wyrsch (cl), Thomas Moeckel (g), Leon Duncan (b) and Peter Preibisch (d)

Daniel Bernard Roumain – Spaceships Over Haiti
Album: Woodbox Beats & Balladry
Daniel Bernard Roumain (6-string violin), Kenny Grohowski (d), Jim Robertson (b), Wynne Bennett (syn) and Elan Vytal aka DJ Scientific (turntables, syn prog)

Gerald Clayton – Two Heads One Pillow
Album: Two-Shade
Gerald Clayton (p), Joe Sanders (b) and Juston Brown (d)

Anne Mette Iversen – Den Hvide Bro
Album: On The Other Side
Anne Mette Iversen (b), Sam Yahel (p), Ingrid Jensen (tp, flh), Mark McLean (d), Peter Dahlgren (tb) and Mariah Langberg (voc)

The Travellers – The Traveller
Alessio Romano (d, perc, acoustic guitars, voc), Eyal Hai (recorded, as, ewi bass, synth, voc), Ilan Bar-Lavi (electric guitars)

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