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Premiere DateFeb 19, 2012
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00:00 Cooking with DJ Linus and guest Alessio Romano
01:24 The Traveller – The Travellers
05:32 Superwoman – Violette
08:57 4 My People – Jowee Omicil
12:44 Little Drop Of Poison – Tom Waits
15:52 Cooking with DJ Linus and guest Alessio Romano
21:21 The Wind – Black Tea
24:49 Alessio Romano BTR Promo
24:54 Groovy Hell – Piotr Torunski
35:46 Sunday Morn’ – Beat Kaestli
41:27 Cooking with DJ Linus and guest Alessio Romano
43:30 Gypsy Village – Souren Baronian & Mal Stein
46:28 DJ Chris H – Trans Pacific Promo
46:49 Lucy – Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow
51:35 To: Inspiration – Katerina Polemi
54:37 Cooking with DJ Linus and guest Alessio Romano
56:39 Vision – Synergy Quartet (Mike Brannon)
61:42 Finish

On today’s Cooking Show with Linus, special guest Alessio Romano introduces his “Pasta Piselli” family recipe. He is a New York-based drummer and engineer, originally from Milan, Italy.

Ingredients for Pasta Piselli
box of pasta (Barilla Elbows)
green sweet peas
olive oil
black pepper & salt

In 3 very simple steps (listen to the show for more details!):
chop onion and put in pan with olive oil on very low hear, prepare one pan with salted boiling water.
when onions get transparent, add green sweet peas. Add salt, black pepper and a couple of spoons from the boiling water (all on low heat). Cook pasta in salted boiling water al dente.
Add al dente pasta to peas and onions. Add a bit of olive oil and black pepper. Let cook on very low heat for a few minutes.

Other ingredients for this weeks Cooking Show:
Music by The Travellers, Violette, Jowee Omicil, Tom Waits and more

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The Travellers – The Traveller
Alessio Romano (d, perc, acoustic guitars, voc), Eyal Hai (recorded, as, ewi bass, synth, voc), Ilan Bar-Lavi (electric guitars)

Violette – Superwoman
Album: Simple is Beautiful
Violette (voc), Louis Cato (g, b, d) and Ralph Rosen (harm)

Jowee Omicil – 4 My People
Album: Roots & Grooves
Jowee Omicil (ss, voc), Mawuena Kodjovi (g), Nir Felder (e-g), Kona Khasu (b), Manny Laine (Rhodes) and Francisco Mela (d)

Tom Waits – Little Drop of Poison
Album: Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards
Tom Waits (voc)

Black Tea – The Wind
Album: Black Tea
Alessio Romano (d, perc, bckg voc), Monica Cohen (lead voc) and Renato Milone (bckg voc)

Piotr Torunski – Groovy Hell
Album: The Bass Invasion
Piotr Torunski (b-cl), Lucas Leidinger (p), Reza Askari Motlagh (b) and Ron van Stratum (d)

Beat Kaestli – Sunday Morn’
Album: Far From Home – A Tribute to European Song
Beat Kaestli (voc), Tino Derado (p, acc), Sven Faller (b), Martin Kolb (d) and Fany Kammerlander (cello)

Souren Baronian & Mal Stein – Gypsy Village
Album: Branching Out
Souren Baronian (G-clarinet) and Mal Stein (perc, kbds)

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow – Lucy
Lorely Rodriguez (voc), Sam Owens (ts) and more

Katerina Polemi – To: Inspiration
Album: Spread The Music, Not The Name
Katerina Polemi (voc, g) and Yuki Kanesaka (melodica)

Synergy Quartet – Vision
Album: Later
Mike Brannon (g), Bill Evans (ts), Harvie S (b) and Paul Wertico (d)

Alessio Romano

February 29th 2012, Seasons Restaurant – Manchester, VT
March 8th 2012, Twins Jazz – Washington, D.C.

Katerina Polemi

Grammy-award winner Linus Wyrsch is one of New York City's most sought-after clarinetists and saxophonists. Full of passion for jazz, Brazilian and Latin music, the Swiss native maintains a busy performance and…