BTR Cooking Show

Premiere DateAug 7, 2011
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00:00 Cooking with DJ Linus
01:05 Siénteme Giovanni Almonte
06:40 Lament For Linus Brad Mehldau
11:12 The Better Half Jen Hirsh
14:44 Sube Azul Sofia Rei Koutsovitis
20:37 Cooking with DJ Linus
22:22 Running Joseph Lepore
28:00 Africa Dream Women of the World
34:15 Ms. S Jordan Piper
40:06 Bye Simona D
42:54 Cooking with DJ Linus
43:58 The Winning Life Mark Sherman Quartet
52:40 Carry Me Home Kat Gang
55:00 Cooking with DJ Linus
55:15 Night Ballad Jermaine Landsberger
61:24 Finish

It’s time to prepare you for fall and winter. Learn how to make delicious homemade mashed potatoes with a nice Filet Mignon.

Ingredients for Filet Mignon with homemade mashed potatoes:

Serves 2 people

– 4 large potatoes
– 1 egg
– 2 filets mignons
– parsley
– black pepper & salt
– olive oil
– half and half
– sour cream
– butter
– optional: Brussels sprouts, nutmeg, bottle of red wine

In 4 very simple steps (listen to the show for more details!):

1) Boil potato pieces, mash them with whisk

2) Add warm half and half, sour cream and butter, one egg, season and garnish
3) Cook filets mignons to your liking
4) Add vegetables (Brussels sprouts) and/or enjoy a glass of wine

Ingredients for this weeks Cooking Show:
– music by Brad Mehldau, Women of the World, The Mark Sherman Quartet and much more

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Sofia Rei Koutsovitis
August 7th 2011, Teatro Pregones – Bronx, NY
August 13th 2011, John Zorn’s Mycale @ Jazz Middleheim – Antwerp, Belgium
September 2nd 2011, Frank London’s A Night in the Old Marketplace @ Warsaw Signer’s Festival – Warsaw Poland
November 11th 2011, Miami Dade College – Miami, FL

Jordan Piper
August 9th 2011, Egans – Ballard, WA
August 10th, Blue Horse Café – Bellingham, WA

Mark Sherman
August 21st 2011, Jazz Festival – Schwaan, Germany

Giovanni Almonte – Siénteme
Album: High vs Low
Giovanni Almonte (voc), Obed Calvaire (d), Reinaldo DeJesus (perc), Panagiotis Andreou (b), Zaccai Curtis (p), Julie Acosta (tp), Marshall Gilkes (tb) and Justine Acosta (chorus)

Brad Mehldau – Lament for Linus
Album: The Art of the Trio, Volume 1
Brad Mehldau (p), Larry Grenadier (b) and Jorge Rossy (d)

Jen Hirsh – The Better Half
Album: Myself In Two
Jen Hirsh (lead voc, bckg voc), Adam Tressler (g, e-g, banjo), Joel Gottschalk (e-b, b), James Williams (d, perc), Patrick Warren (p, B3, chamberlain, mellotron, autoharp, pump org, bells), Stephen Patt (pedal steel), Danielle Ondarza (f horn) and Max Coane (melodica, marching bass drum, marching cymbals & programming)

Sofia Rei Koutsovitis – Sube Azul
Album: Sube Azul
Sofia Rei Koutsovitis (voc), Dana Leon (cello, tb); Juancho Herrera (g), Jorge Roeder (b), Yayo Serka (d), Samuel Torres (perc) and more

Joseph Lepore – Running
Album: Journal
Joseph Lepore (b), Lance Murphy (ts), Tim Collins (vib) and Nasheet Waits (d)

Women of the World – Africa Dream
Ayumi Ueda, Giorgia Renosto, Katerina Polemi, Annette Philip, Ali Rapetti (voc) and more
Jordan Piper – Ms. S
Album: Colors
Jordan Piper (p), Caleb Curtis (sax, fl), Eric Burns (g), Arthur Vint (d) and Sam Trapchak (b)

Simona D – Bye
Simona D (voc, all instruments)

Mark Sherman – The Winning Life
Album: Mark Sherman Quartet – Live At The Bird’s Eye
Mark Sherman (vib), Allen Farnham (p), Dean Johnson (b) and Tim Horner (d)

Kat Gang – Carry Me Home
Album: Copycats & Wannabees
Kat Gang (voc) and others

Jermaine Landsberger – Night Ballad
Album: Gettin’ Blazed
Jermaine Landsberger (hammond b-3 org), Gary Meek (ss), James Genus (b), Harvey Mason (d)

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