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Premiere DateJul 22, 2012
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For this week’s Cooking Show, we had a nice little interview with a good friend, Lisa-Marie Stubbert who manages one of San Francisco’s darlings of the street food scene, Little Green Cyclo.

Little Green Cyclo

Little Green Cyclo serves amazing Vietnamese street eats using local, organic ingredients. They’re dedicated to running a green business and they also donate heavily to local food related charities. They serve a wicked Banh Mi and are kind of saintly too. What more could you want? Pandan waffles you say? Ok, good, because they have those too and they are hella bomb. Hella, that’s a Bay Area thing. Lisa-Marie was kind enough to hang out with us after a long day on the truck. She also is way into listening to local bands like Jesus and the Rabbits when she’s all up in the kitchen. She picked one of their tracks for our listeners. She’s nice like that.

Lisa loves the Saints for some reason. As a Minnesota Vikings fan, I hate her.

Banh Mi, oh sweet Banh Mi.

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