The Christmas Show

Premiere DateDec 25, 2016
00:00 Intro
01:50 Book Talk Intro DJ Kory
07:55 Quiéreme Mucho Niuver
11:55 Charles M. Schulz: “A Charlie Brown Christmas”
18:31 Blood Bank Bon Iver
21:18 Francis P. Church: “Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus”
24:18 Virginia The Wooden Sky
26:24 Charles Dickens: “A Christmas Carol”
35:41 My Old Ghosts The Wooden Sky
38:36 Clement Clark Moore: “A Visit From Saint Nicholas”
42:06 Joy Stone Jack Jones
45:25 Book Talk Outro DJ Kory
45:57 Requiem for Mary The Wooden Sky
51:12 Finish
Book Talk Host DJ Kory takes a look at some of the traditional books and poems read by Western and Christian households at Christmas.
A Charlie Brown Christmas
A Christmas Carol
A Visit From Saint Nicholas
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