Jessica Yu — Garden of the Lost and Abandoned: The Extraordinary Story of One Ordinary Woman and the Children She Saves

Premiere DateNov 9, 2017
00:00 Book Talk Opening
00:27 (Filler) — Ostra — Yumi Zouma
00:32 Book Talk Opening Mic Break: Kory French
02:18 (Filler) — Ostra (Cont’d) — Yumi Zouma
04:26 Episode Intro: Kory French
06:41 (Filler) — Depth (Pt. II) — Yumi Zouma
06:52 Episode Intro: Kory French (Cont’d)
06:41 (Filler) — Depth (Pt. II) (Cont’d) — Yumi Zouma
09:35 Depth (Pt. I) — Yumi Zouma
12:20 Interview with Jessica Yu Part 1
23:04 Gabriel — Yumi Zouma
25:49 Interview with Jessica Yu Part 2
37:33 A, Memory— Yumi Zouma
41:11 Book Talk Outro: Kory French
43:17 Us, Together — Yumi Zouma
46:58 End

The problem by most lights is overwhelming: at least 5,000 children live on the streets of Uganda’s capital city of Kampala. Some forget the names of their villages. The youngest may not know the names of their parents. But Gladys Kalibbala—part journalist, part detective, part Good Samaritan—does not hesitate to dive into difficult or even dangerous situations to aid a child. Jessica Yu delivers an acutely observed story of this hard-nosed and warmhearted woman, the children she helps, and the twists of fate they experience together.

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