Freedom of Religion By Individual Choice

Premiere DateAug 21, 2016
00:00 Book Talk Intro
06:10 “Settled Down” Owen
09:16 Interview with Reverend Sarah Carpenter Vascik
25:30 “The Desperate“ Owen
28:48 Interview with Reverend Sarah Carpenter Vascik
40:03 “A Burning Soul” Owen
43:24 Book Talk Outro
46:17 “Lovers Come and Go” Owen
50:49 Finish

Freedom of Religion

Freedom of Religion By Individual Choice: The Religious Beliefs and Convictions by Our Founding Fathers by Reverend Sarah Carpenter-Vascik


Lately, we hear more and more about how our Founding Fathers were all Christian, God-fearing men and how America is a Christian country. But, was it intended to be? According to Rev. Sarah Carpenter’s findings, the answer is no. The research Rev. Carpenter presents in Freedom of Religion by Individual Choice attempts to define the word ‘religion’ as it is used in the First Amendment. The debate continues as to whether the nation was created by and for Christians or was meant for people of all faiths and beliefs.

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