Holly Peterson - 'It Happens in the Hamptons'

Premiere DateJun 18, 2017
00:00 Intro
02:15 Book Talk Intro: Kory French
08:23 Get Used To It Alex Napping
12:24 Interview with Holly Peterson Part 1
24:04 Pilot Episode Alex Napping
27:22 Interview with Holly Peterson Part 2
40:52 Living Room Alex Napping
45:26 Book Talk Outro: Kory French
47:56 Tender Alex Napping
52:58 Finish
As George takes Katie on a whirlwind tour of country clubs, haute couture, and lavish events, she is amazed to witness sudden whims become dire needs, extra-marital affairs blossoming right and left, and people purchase friends and loyalties like a pair of shoes.  Even the middle-class townspeople maintain a determined façade while maneuvering like sharks among the wealthy summer invaders. Betrayals, a sexual predator, and a missing person lost in murky waves drive the reader on a racing Learjet ride through impossible twists and turns until landing at the shocking conclusion. When she meets Luke, a local surfer and middle school teacher, he makes her question what it is she really wants as she understands the life she’s begun for herself is built on shifting Hamptons’ dunes.
Holly Peterson
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Kory French is the Founder and Principal of Emily Consulting, a consulting company that leads start-up and early-stage companies in everything from concept development to strategic planning to scaling and exit…