Jami Attenberg - All Grown Up

Premiere DateMar 12, 2017
00:00 Intro
02:21 Book Talk Intro: Kory French
06:34 Son Of God Will Butler
09:25 Interview with Jami Attenberg Part 1
21:31 Anna Will Butler
25:19 Interview with Jami Attenberg Part 2
36:58 Take My Side Will Butler
40:39 Book Talk Outro: Kory French
43:18 Finish What I Started Will Butler
45:36 Finish
Who is Andrea Bern? When her therapist asks the question, Andrea knows the right things to say: she’s a designer, a friend, a daughter, a sister. But it’s what she leaves unsaid — she’s alone, a drinker, a former artist, a shrieker in bed, captain of the sinking ship that is her flesh — that feels the most true. Everyone around her seems to have an entirely different idea of what it means to be an adult: her best friend, Indigo, is getting married; her brother — who miraculously seems unscathed by their shared tumultuous childhood — and sister-in-law are having a hoped-for baby; and her friend Matthew continues to wholly devote himself to making dark paintings at the cost of being flat broke.
Jami Attenberg – All Grown Up
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