‘The Woman in the Moonlight’ by Patricia Morrisroe

Premiere DateSep 3, 2020
00:00 Show Opening
01:07 Episode Intro
04:13 Sawbones Anna Meredith
05:02 Interview with Patricia Morrisroe, Part 1
26:28 moonmoons Anna Meredith
28:44 Interview with Patricia Morrisroe, Part 2
47:03 Calion Anna Meredith
47:09 Episode Outro
48:57 Calion (Cont’d) Anna Meredith
50:03 Outro
50:36 Finish

Vienna, 1800. Countess Julie Guicciardi is about to take piano lessons with Ludwig van Beethoven, the most talented piano virtuoso in the musical capital of Europe. The spirited 18-year old is captivated by his volatile genius, while he is drawn to her curiosity and disarming candor. Between them, a unique romance blossoms. But Beethoven has a secret he’s yet to share, and Julie is harboring a secret of her own, one that could destroy their perfect love story.

Publisher: Little A (Amazon Publishing)

Book art and author headshot provided by the author’s representative.

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