‘The Sisters Hemingway’ by Annie England Noblin

Premiere DateMar 28, 2019
00:00 Show Opening
01:16 Episode Intro (music: Estrella by Cass McCombs)
05:35 Interview with Annie England Noblin, Part 1
16:10 Absentee Cass McCombs
18:28 Interview with Annie England Noblin, Part 2
28:34 Prayer for Another Day Cass McCombs
30:31 Episode Outro
33:39 Finish

Raised by a mother obsessed with Ernest Hemingway, they were named after the author’s four wives—Hadley, Pfeiffer, Martha, and Mary. Hadley is the poised, polished wife of a senator. Pfeiffer is a successful New York book editor. Martha has skyrocketed to Nashville stardom. They each have a secret—a marriage on the rocks, a job lost, a stint in rehab…and they haven’t been together in years. Together, they must stay in their childhood home, faced with a puzzle that may affect all their futures.

Correction: the intro incorrectly notes “Justin Bateman” as the star of Ozark. It’s Jason. His sister’s name is “Justine,” though.

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