‘The Joyce Girl’ by Annabel Abbs

Premiere DateJun 4, 2020
00:00 Show Opening
01:07 Jazzy Jazz Matthias Bublath
01:23 Episode Intro
03:18 Jazzy Jazz (Cont’d) Matthias Bublath
04:52 Interview with Annabel Abbs, Part 1
18:27 Stacy Matthias Bublath
23:09 Interview with Annabel Abbs, Part 2
40:07 Young Lion Matthias Bublath
40:21 Episode Outro
41:51 Young Lion (Cont’d) Matthias Bublath
47:30 Finish

For readers who adored novels like ‘The Paris Wife’, ‘Z’, and ‘Loving Frank’, comes Annabel Abbs’ highly praised debut novel, where she spins the story of James Joyce’s fascinating, and tragic, daughter, Lucia.

Publisher: Harper Collins

Book art and author headshot provided by the author’s representative.

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