‘The Fourteenth of September’ by Rita Dragonette

Premiere DateJul 4, 2019
00:00 Show Opening
01:07 Home To You Cate le Bon
01:11 Episode Intro
02:48 Home To You (Cont’d) Cate le Bon
04:02 Interview with Rita Dragonette, Part 1
24:25 You Don’t Love Me Cate le Bon
27:26 Interview with Rita Dragonette, Part 2
46:39 Daylight Matters Cate le Bon
47:41 Episode Outro
49:31 Daylight Matters (Cont’d) Cate le Bon
51:10 Finish

When the first date pulled in the Draft Lottery turns up as her birthday, Judy realizes that if she were a man, she’d have been Number One—off to Vietnam with an under-fire life expectancy of six seconds. The stakes become clear, propelling her toward a life-altering choice as fateful as that of any draftee. ‘The Fourteenth of September’ portrays a pivotal time at the peak of the Vietnam War through the rare perspective of a young woman, tracing her path of self-discovery and a “Coming of Conscience.” Judy’s story speaks to the poignant clash of young adulthood, early feminism, and war, offering an ageless inquiry into the domestic politics of protest when the world stops making sense.

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