‘The Black Kids’ by Christina Hammonds Reed

Premiere DateNov 5, 2020
00:00 Show Opening
00:26 Episode Intro
01:17 Luv Antwon
01:31 Episode Intro (Cont'd)
03:43 Luv (Cont’d) Antwon
04:17 Interview with Christina Hammonds Reed, Part 1
22:56 Dri-Fit Antwon
25:29 Interview with Christina Hammonds Reed, Part 2
54:16 100k Antwon
57:08 Outro
57:41 Finish

Everything changes one afternoon in April for Ashley Bennett, when four LAPD officers are acquitted after beating a black man named Rodney King half to death. Suddenly, Ashley’s not just “one of the girls” — she’s “one of the black kids.” With her world splintering around her, Ashley, along with the rest of LA, is left to question who is the ‘us’? And who is the ‘them’?

Publisher: Simon & Shuster YA

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