‘Sudden Courage’ by Ronald Rosbottom

Premiere DateJul 25, 2019
00:00 Show Opening
01:07 Pin Hippo Campus
01:12 Episode Intro
03:01 Pin (Cont’d) Hippo Campus
05:00 Interview with Ronald Rosbottom, Part 1
18:08 Cellar Door Hippo Campus
20:13 Interview with Ronald Rosbottom, Part 2
41:04 Champion Hippo Campus
41:21 Episode Outro
42:43 Champion (Cont’d) Hippo Campus
44:20 Finish

Rosbottom brings to vivid life another gripping but under-explored aspect of World War II as he tells the enthralling story of the French young people who risked their lives to take action in the resistance against the Nazi occupiers of their nation, and the French who collaborated with them.

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