‘RFK: His Words for Our Time’ by C. Richard Allen & Edwin O. Guthman

Premiere DateJul 12, 2018
00:00 Show Opening
01:02 Episode Intro (music: “Fascination” by Confidence Man)
05:35 Interview with Rick Allen, Part 1
17:45 “Sail Boat Vacation” Confidence Man
20:15 Interview with Rick Allen, Part 2
34:27 “Bubblegum” Confidence Man
35:38 Episode Outro
38:29 Finish

As citizens search for leadership that is both inspirational and practical, and a vision of America that is compelling across the divides of race, gender, age and personal circumstances, Robert Kennedy’s words and Presidential campaign are increasingly studied as a road map and a catalyst, providing a complete picture of this legacy, centered on Kennedy’s speeches on civil rights and social justice, war and the quest for peace, poverty and the power of work, and the common aspirations that can unify Americans

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