Our Lady of the Prairie by Thisbe Nissen

Premiere DateFeb 15, 2018
00:00 Book Talk Opening
02:26 (Soundbed) Pearly Gates Smoke Machine Guided By Voices
02:38 Episode Intro Kory French
05:24 The Birthday Democrats Guided By Voices
07:27 Interview with Thisbe Nissen Part 1
23:39 Nothing Gets You Real Guided By Voices
25:56 Interview with Thisbe Nissen Part 2
39:34 Just To Show You Guided By Voices
41:43 Episode Outro: Kory French
44:25 Paper Cutz Guided By Voices
46:59 Book Talk Outro: Kory French
47:30 Finish

In the space of a few torrid months on the Iowa prairie, Phillipa Maakestad—long-married theater professor and mother of an unstable daughter—grapples with a life turned upside down. After falling headlong into a passionate affair during a semester spent teaching in Ohio, Phillipa returns home to Iowa for her daughter Ginny’s wedding. There, Phillipa must endure (among other things) a wedding-day tornado, a menace of a mother-in-law who may or may not have been a Nazi collaborator, and the tragicomic revenge fantasies of her heretofore docile husband.

Naturally, she does what any newly liberated woman would do: she takes a match to her life on the prairie and then steps back to survey the wreckage.

Set in the seething political climate of a contentious election,Thisbe Nissen’s new novel is sexy, smart, and razor-sharp—a freight train barreling through the heart of the land and the land of the heart


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