‘My Life As A Villainess’ by Laura Lippmann

Premiere DateAug 27, 2020
00:00 Show Opening
01:08 Pleasure Line Video Age
01:11 Episode Intro
02:37 Pleasure Line (Cont’d) Video Age
04:42 Interview with Laura Lippmann, Part 1
29:10 Shadow On The Wall Video Age
30:17 Interview with Laura Lippmann, Part 2
42:58 Maybe Just Once Video Age
43:07 Episode Outro
44:49 Maybe Just Once (Cont’d) Video Age
46:32 Outro
47:04 Finish

In this collection of new and previously published nonfiction essays, Lippman offers her take on a woman’s life across the decades. Her childhood and school years, her newspaper career, her experiences as a novelist Lippman finds universal touchstones in an unusual life that has as many twists as her award-winning crime fiction.

Publisher: Harper Collins

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