'Members Only’ by Sameer Pandya

Premiere DateJul 16, 2020
00:00 Show Opening
01:07 American Foursquare Denison Witmer
01:15 Episode Intro
03:25 American Foursquare (Cont’d) Denison Witmer
05:24 Interview with Sameer Pandya, Part 1
16:33 Birds of Virginia (Clip) Denison Witmer
19:43 Interview with Sameer Pandya, Part 2
42:16 Simple and True Denison Witmer
42:24 Episode Outro
43:40 Simple and True (Cont’d) Denison Witmer
45:53 Finish

Raj Bhatt is often unsure of where he belongs. Having moved to America from Bombay as a child, he knew few Indian kids. Now middle-aged, he lives mostly happily in California, with a job at a university. Still, his white wife seems to fit in better than he does at times, especially at their tennis club, a place he’s cautiously come to

Publisher: Mariner Books (a division of HMH)

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