‘Lion’s Head Revisited’ by Jeffery Round

Premiere DateMay 28, 2020
00:00 Show Opening
01:07 No Helmet Up Indianola RJD2
01:13 Episode Intro
02:15 No Helmet Up Indianola (Cont’d) RJD2
04:25 Interview with Jeffrey Round, Part 1
23:00 Itch Ditch Mission RJD2
25:42 Interview with Jeffrey Round, Part 2
45:14 A Genuine Gentleman RJD2
45:29 Episode Outro
47:06 A Genuine Gentleman (Cont’d) RJD2
49:32 Finish

When a four-year-old autistic boy disappears on a camping trip, his mother is reluctant to involve the police. Instead, she calls in private investigator Dan Sharp after a ransom demand arrives. On investigating, Dan learns there are plenty of people who might be responsible for the kidnapping. Among them are an ex-husband who wrongly believed the boy was his son; the boy’s surrogate mother, now a drug addict; the boy’s grandmother, who has been denied access to her grandson; and a mysterious woman who unnerves everyone with her unexpected appearances.

Publisher – Dundurn Press

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