‘Kings County’ by David Goodwillie

Premiere DateJul 30, 2020
00:00 Show Opening
01:07 Frankie’s Gun The Felice Brothers
01:40 Episode Intro
03:25 Frankie’s Gun (Cont’d) The Felice Brothers
05:09 Interview with David Goodwillie, Part 1
20:05 Penn Station The Felice Brothers
21:57 Interview with David Goodwillie, Part 2
36:55 Tip Your Way The Felice Brothers
37:16 Episode Outro
38:22 Tip Your Way The Felice Brothers
39:27 Outro
39:58 Finish

It’s the early 2000s and like generations of ambitious young people before her, Audrey Benton arrives in New York City on a bus from nowhere. Broke but resourceful, she soon finds a home for herself amid the burgeoning music scene in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. But the city’s freedom comes with risks, and Audrey makes compromises to survive. As she becomes a minor celebrity in indie rock circles, she finds an unlikely match in Theo Gorski, a shy but idealistic mill-town kid who’s struggling to establish himself in the still-patrician world of books. But then an old acquaintance of Audrey’s disappears under mysterious circumstances, sparking a series of escalating crises that force the couple to confront a dangerous secret from her past.

Publisher: Avid Reader Press ( A division of Simon & Schuster)

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