‘Homewreckers' by Aaron Glantz

Premiere DateOct 31, 2019
00:00 Show Opening
01:07 Three The Good Graces
01:11 Episode Intro
02:43 Three (Cont’d) The Good Graces
05:10 Interview with Aaron Glantz, Part 1
15:22 Wants + Needs The Good Graces
18:02 Interview with Aaron Glantz, Part 2
35:18 His Name Was the Color That I Loved The Good Graces
37:07 Episode Outro
38:30 His Name Was the Color That I Loved (Cont’d) The Good Graces
39:39 Finish

Full title: ‘Homewreckers: How a Gang of Wall Street Kingpins, Hedge Fund Managers, Crooked Banks, and Vulture Capitalists Suckered Millions Out of Their Homes and Demolished the American Dream’

In ‘Homewreckers,’ Aaron vividly reveals how a group of Wall Street bankers and private equity titans including Trump cabinet members Steve Mnuchin and Wilbur Ross, as well as the president’s confidants and funders Steve Schwarzman, Tom Barrack — exploited a system in which billions of dollars in wealth was transferred to them from millions of individual homeowners after the real estate bust of the Great Recession. The result is an eye-opening expose of the greed that decimated millions and enriched a gluttonous few.

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