‘Homeplace’ by John Lingan

Premiere DateSep 6, 2018
00:00 Show Opening
01:04 Episode Intro (music: Try to Be by Bonny Doon)
04:04 Interview with John Lingan, Part 1
19:42 Where Do You Go? Bonny Doon
21:25 Interview with John Lingan, Part 2
44:20 Long Wave Bonny Doon
46:10 Episode Outro
50:08 Finish

Winchester, Virginia is an emblematic American town. When John Lingan traveled there, it was to seek out Jim McCoy, a local country music icon and the DJ who first gave airtime to a brassy-voiced singer known as Patsy Cline, setting her on a course for fame that outlasted her tragically short life. What Lingan found was a community in the throes of an identity crisis. Winchester’s strict hierarchy, hammered out in the colonial era, put landowners at the top of the heap and shunted “white trash” and minorities to the sidelines

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