‘Grievous’ by Heather Cross

Premiere DateApr 18, 2019
00:00 Show Opening
01:08 Episode Intro (music: Fever by Balthazar)
03:42 Interview with Heather Cross, Part 1
13:07 Wrong Vibration Balthazar
15:50 Interview with Heather Cross, Part 2
27:35 Entertainment Balthazar
28:41 Episode Outro
31:09 Finish

Fourteen-year-old Gray Riding—bookish and yearning for approval—filters life through the eyes of the character he has created, one Valarious, knight-in-training, a hero more bold and glamorous than he. Riding’s course is altered by the arrival at the Academy of Cordelia Líoht, the vivacious goddaughter of his Housemaster, John Grieves, nicknamed Grievous. Grieves, too, is at a crossroads, forced to grapple with history both collective and personal as he manages difficult students, a precocious goddaughter, and the infinitely more difficult task of rescuing Cordelia’s mother, the woman he secretly loves, from poor health and worse decisions.

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