"Fly Girls" by Keith O’Brien

Premiere DateOct 4, 2018
00:00 Show Opening
00:58 Episode Intro (music: “around you” by Free Cake For Every Creature)
04:23 Interview with Keith O’Brien, Part 1
16:08 in your car Free Cake For Every Creature
18:07 Interview with Keith O’Brien, Part 2
30:55 be home soon Free Cake For Every Creature
31:27 Episode Outro
34:26 Finish

Fly Girls is the story of women fighting for the right to fly airplanes, winning the right to race them, and then beating the men in one of the most dangerous air races of them all. It was, for the female pilots, a stunning upset and one that proved what the women had known all along: They were just as good as the male pilots, maybe even better. They belonged.

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