‘Dancing to the Darkest Light’ by Soheila Adelipour

Premiere DateNov 28, 2019
00:00 Show Opening
01:07 Confetti to the Hurricane The Deer
01:10 Episode Intro
02:40 Confetti to the Hurricane (Cont’d) The Deer
04:57 Interview with Soheila Adelipour, Part 1
17:01 Interstellar Frontier The Deer
19:04 Interview with Soheila Adelipour, Part 2
34:05 Stark Raven The Deer
35:00 Episode Outro
36:12 Stark Raven (Cont’d) The Deer
39:16 Finish

A memoir of survival and how one sister, daughter and mother find reason to go on after the most crushing loses imaginable, and still see the beauty in life. It is a heartwarming family saga and an unforgettable account of faith and not just love, but unconditional love. A true, powerful, emotional & inspirational story that could change your outlook towards life.

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