‘Cournelius Sky’ by Timothy Brandoff

Premiere DateJul 11, 2019
00:00 Show Opening
01:07 Coconut Grove Night Moves
01:13 Episode Intro
02:37 Coconut Grove (Cont’d) Night Moves
04:42 Interview with Timothy Brandoff, Part 1
14:05 Saving The Dark Night Moves
16:53 Interview with Timothy Brandoff, Part 2
25:52 Keep Me In Mind Night Moves
26:14 Episode Outro
27:46 Keep Me In Mind (Cont’d) Night Moves
29:31 Finish

‘Cornelius Sky’ is a doorman in a posh Fifth Avenue apartment building that houses New York City’s elite, including a former First Lady whose husband was assassinated while in office. It is 1974 and New York City is heading toward a financial crisis. At work, Connie prides himself on his ability to buff a marble floor better than anyone, a talent that so far has kept him from being fired for his drinking. He pushes the boundaries of his duties, partying and playing board games with the former First Lady’s lonely thirteen-year-old son in the service stairwell—the only place where the boy is not spied upon mercilessly by the tabloid press and his Secret Service detail.

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