Books by Kids

Premiere DateMar 14, 2019
00:00 Show Opening
01:31 Episode Intro (music: “Swimming Pool” by Kiwi Jr.)
03:49 Interview with Jack & Kate Famiglietti, Part 1
13:41 Roses Sam Evian
16:15 Interview with Jack & Kate Famiglietti, Part 2
29:03 Murder in the Cathedral Kiwi Jr.
30:26 Episode Outro
32:59 Finish

Today, sibling guests Jack (11) and Kate (9) Famiglietti discuss reading and writing through their own eyes and offer our listeners some insight on what the world of books looks like from school children. We discuss technology and writing, the destiny of the hardcopy book in the face of obsoletism, and the difference between Genius and Talent in writing

The books mentioned in today’s episode are:

1. ‘The Castle Key/ by Karen Crossing

2. ‘The Narnia Series’ by C.S. Lewis

3. ‘Are Writer’s Made or Born?’ by Jack Kerouac
(Portrait of Jack Kerouac by Tom Palumbo)

Book Cover and Author headshot images provided by the author’s representative

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