Kelley Powell - The Merit Birds

Premiere DateJun 27, 2015
00:00 Book Talk Intro DJ Kory
03:11 A While Ella Fence
06:38 Interview with Kelley Powell Part 1
22:41 The Dust Ella Fence
26:19 Interview with Kelley Powell Part 2
38:42 Cigarettes and Red Wine Ella Fence
41:56 Book Talk Outro DJ Kory
43:18 Hunter Ella Fence
47:04 Finish

Cam Scott resents his mother for uprooting him from his home in Ottawa and relocating to Vientiane, Laos, and is determined to never let her forget it. Over time he adjusts to the land and culture, but just as he has found friendship and love, tragedy strikes and he is at the mercy of a stranger to clear his name for a crime he didn’t commit.

Kory French is the Founder and Principal of Emily Consulting, a consulting company that leads start-up and early-stage companies in everything from concept development to strategic planning to scaling and exit…