Book Talk

Premiere DateJun 30, 2012
00:00 Book Talk Intro – Kory French
04:58 In Media Res – Los Campesinos
09:33 You’ll Need Those Fingers for Crossing – Los Campesinos
14:24 Textbooks in Texas – Kory French
24:03 Hello Tender Love– Zeus
28:38 Aeroplane – Zeus
31:17 Ride a Cockhorse – Raymond Kennedy
36:39 Go Places – The New Pornographers
40:58 Cowards – Glenn Beck
50:30 Expectation – Tame Impala
55:30 Finish

Subject – Winning Week
Books – Textbooks in Texas, Rise a Cockhorse & Cowards

What is the role that the government should and should not play in the content of mandatory education-system textbooks? Does Texas go too far when they edit theories of evolution and homosexuality? I will then look at a re-release of one of America’s more comical novels about the power and mania of capitalism in Raymond Kennedy’s Rise A Cockhorse. Finally, I will review a newly released book my mass-media personality Glenn Beck called cowards—a book that calls for the voices and leaders of America to stop pursuing their own agenda and start sharing the truth on matters that really affect Americans and their way of life.

Textbooks in Texas

Rise a Cockhorse


Glenn Beck

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